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October 2013 Weddings

What did you get done this weekend?

Making these threads helps me keep my sanity and makes me feel as if I am actually getting stuff done each weekend.

  • Went over a lot of reception songs with FI. Made our "must play" and "DO NOT play" lists
  • Ordered programs from etsy, but don't have finalized text. But, I'm in line for production from the seller!
  • Made bouquet charms for my bouquet. (Last week I ordered them, this week they are finished)
  • Talked to florist: final centerpiece number set, corrected original quote to be more "final" 
  • Worked on seating chart with my mom. With the exception of moving the same group of people around 3 tables (as in, those 30 will be at one of those 3 tables definitely, but I might not know exactly where), the seating arrangements are done
  • Contacted event planner about where she will be set up
  • Finalized details with cake baker - designs decided, flavors finalized, etc. Yey!
This upcoming week:

  • I should pick up our marriage license. We applied and it is ready to be picked up, I just need to do so
  • Picking my dress up on and final fitting (although that should be fine)
  • Getting FI's wedding band
  • Meeting with pastor and finalizing ceremony and details
  • Finalizing seating plan
  • FI's bach party
  • Favors should arrive - I need to do some assembly
  • Menus should arrive - yey!

How is everyone else??
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Re: What did you get done this weekend?

  • We met with our dj and finalized ceremony and other music.
    Saturday we met and finalized with the florist . Also called rental company cause we need to get a few more tables and more chairs.
    Gathered all honeymoon information together cause we leave early the next morning.
    Got post it notes and a sharpie to start seating chart.
    Made lists of rehearsal invites and got those together all I need is stamps.
    Made my hair trial appt. and made a list of what the girls and my mom and mil want for services.
    Picking up my dress this Saturday then bringing to the place i bought it to have it steamed.
    Did final head count of guests. We had more then expected about 105! We were thinking around 80.
    Fi figured out his groomsmans gifts. And ordered those.

    ....I think that is it! I am starting to get stressed!
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  • Let's seeee.

    • My last bridesmaid purchased her dress
    • We bought our officiant's gift
    • Purchased items for our kids bags
    • Met with our officiant and finalized the ceremony
    • Finalized the music with our sound guy
    • Met with our venue and finalized decor and other details
    • Ordered a new size of FIs ring (after an obnoxious hassle with Kay)

    Everything left is:

    • Finish corsages
    • Purchase ring bearer's outfits
    • Get the marriage license
    • Finalize seating chart
    • Create day of timeline
    • Get picture list to photographer
    • Pick up FIs ring when it comes in (hopefully Oct 3)
    • Final fitting & picking up dress (on the 30th)
    • And then just final headcounts and payments!
  • Ordered our seating chart (not doing seating cards) which means our seating is all set!!
    Made a JUST MARRIED tank for the day we leave for HM
    bought a BRIDE tank for the day of
    FI had bach party. Mine is this coming weekend!

    We just need to finish programs and welcome bags and we are DONE! (I think haha!!)
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  • Tuxes finalized (what a fiasco) and men measured.
    Cupcakes tasted and paid for.
    Picked out fabric/gave ideas for my FG dress.
    Pinned down my hair coloring/hair trial.

    Now it's just all little stuff.

    My folks are going to get the river stones for me.  I've just got to pick out pens to write on them with.
    Big sis is wrapping up bouquets in the next two weeks.
    Got yet ANOTHER fitting on Thursday.
    Waiting on my "hair bling" to show up.
    Find SOMETHING to present to the boys during the ceremony.
    Little gifties for the kiddos and my BP.

    Okay, so the last 2 big things to do are;
    Chair rental (FI lost the dumb form)
    Musician for ceremony (I need to get a move on)

    Oh, and as always, the license.

    I'm just done.  Isn't this shit over yet?
  • Nothing really got done over the weekend. I had my bachelorette party :)

    But our RSVP date was Sunday- still missing quite a few. Luckily they are in groups (FI paintball friends, mom and dad friends)

    FI followed up with friends today, got lots of answers.

    FI made the dogs boarding reservations as well as contacting the vet to fax records to boarding facility.

    Paid off limo

    FI is working on GM gifts

    TO DO:
    -get final numbers
    -make seating chart
    -buy thank you cards
    -get FFIL officiant license to our county, so he can perform day of
    -make centerpieces (my mom is doing that though)
    -set up spray tan for before wedding
    -make sure FMIL gets on the catering for RD
    -workout haha

    Lots of little things

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  • schellzinatorschellzinator member
    Fourth Anniversary 100 Love Its 100 Comments Name Dropper
    edited September 2013
    DONE this weekend and today! Applied for marriage license Had my hair trial (I loved it) Tried out our rehearsal dinner place (Also LOVED it) Received the final contract (they added in a dessert table AND we found out kids meals and vendor meals are cheaper!!) Booked mani and pedi appointments for the Friday before To do Finalize ceremony and cocktail hour music Buy rings Determine what (if any) transportation for the bridal party Get pumpkins closer to the date for centerpieces Escort cards and seating arrangements Make chocolate covered pretzels for the favors Put together welcome bags And what was even better - all done at the beach and we got to bring the,little lady to the ocean for the first time!!
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  • Yikes - sorry for the lack of hard returns - iPad won't let me tonight....
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  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
    Tenth Anniversary 2500 Comments 500 Love Its First Answer
    Built a deck.

    I did literally nothing wedding-related besides bitching about the lack of responses to our parents, as both sets were at our house for said deck building.

  • Continued painting wine bottle centerpieces, contacted people who hadn't RSVP'd, started the seating chart. Ugh.
  • Like @thejucheida, zero wedding things happened here. I was too busy moving. however, I did get like 15 of the 45 boxes unpacked.... so that's something. 
  • This past weekend we:

    Called the florist about delivery time and set up.
    Called the baker about delivery time and set up. ( And talked to her about the surprise grooms cake!)
    Printed the programs
    Bought the box our ring bearer will carry the rings in. 
    Did the online portion of our marriage licence application. ( Going in later this week to pay for/pick up)
    Sent order of bridal party and ceremony music to the venue.
    Emailed our pastor regarding changes to the ceremony.
    Finished up bathroom kits and emergency kits.
    Made the donation that we have in lieu of favors.
    Bought some ballet style slippers for after the first dance and whatnot.
    Printed a cab sign for the bar and menu/donation information for the tables.
    Recruited a friend to watch the gift table and to take everything to their car after cocktail hour.
    Got my ring sized.
    Bought tshirts for our iron ons that we will wear for the rehearsal.

    Left to do:
    Set up time to pick up our stuff at the venue the day after the wedding.
    Finish day of timeline( I am having the hardest time with this!)
    Hair and makeup trial ( this weekend)
    Finish alterations on my dress.
    Finalize transportation for our exit after the ceremony.
    Send itinerary to bridal party/VIP's.
    Give final head count to venue.
    Make final payments.
    Finish shopping for honeymoon.
    Designate person to deliver overnight bag and check into hotel for us for the night of the wedding.
    Give honeymoon itinerary to our parents just in  case.
    Buy gift for ring bearer.
    Print parent and grandparent wedding pictures for cake table.
    Work on toast.
    Work on welcome bags. 
    Get chords for handfasting.
    Get runners/FH's suit pressed.
    Get contacts for myself for the wedding an honeymoon. 

    The list is never ending!!!!!!!! 
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