Martin's Valley Mansion - Classy or Cheap?

We want to get married in a beautiful, classic, historic ballroom that looks very grand. We love the look of the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, but then discovered that the ballrooms in Martin's Valley Mansion look pretty similar in style (though the marble is fake) and that a wedding at Martin's Valley Mansion could be half the cost of a Belvedere wedding!

The main issue is that Martin's Valley Mansion is located in a shopping plaza next to a regular gym and some other random shops. The shopping plaza seems to clash horribly with the grand wedding theme we had in mind. 

Do you think guests will be turned off by the location of the Valley Mansion? Or since the whole thing will be inside, will it not matter? 
Will the guests enjoy the free parking at the Martin's Valley Mansion, or would it be better to have the wedding in the city at the Belvedere? 


Re: Martin's Valley Mansion - Classy or Cheap?

  • In my opinion it is what works best for you and your soon to be husband and most importantly what is most cost effective, especially in this tough economy. People will have opinions either way. I looked at Martins Vally Mansion when I was trying to find a venue,  and it is beautiful inside and the staff were really friendly. But yes we were surprised  that such a beautiful venue was located next to a shopping center. As far as people being "turned off" I think most people's reactions would be that yes this is a "odd location for a wedding venue", BUT once they go inside I think that they will be pleasantly surprised, and forget about the outside. Hope this helps, good luck!
  • I know that I was turned off by the location of Martin's, but I've also been to events there that were VERY nice. 

    How many people are you expecting? I feel like I looked at nearly every type of venue around and found a few that were in the same vein  (grand and historic-ish) and a few that won't break the bank. 

    I just signed a contract to do my wedding at Grey Rock Mansion on Reisterstown Road. It may be worth looking into. 

  • I just looked at this venue and it's beautiful...I don't care if it IS in a shopping center!!
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