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October 2013 Weddings

Health Check!

How is everyone feeling?  I started feeling sick ALL the time about a week ago.  I can't shake the nausea that I feel!  I've lost 7 pounds in the last week and a half and I don't really feel that I'm OVERly stressed.  Stressed, yes....but not over.  My period didn't even come!  (No, I'm not pregnant).  How are all of ya'll feeling?  Has stress gotten the best of you?
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Re: Health Check!

  • Everyone keeps commenting on how calm and together I seem for being under 1 month from wifehood.  It's funny because I don't feel calm or together, I feel kinda like I'm sprinting around a track at my 6th grade track and field day.  Exhausted, tired, stressed, and you don't realize that you forgot to put on the right bra until you've started running around trying to do stuff. 

    Other than a moderately runny nose, all my symptoms are the experience of stress and some weird eating habits that are popping up.  (EX: 4am cravings for comfort foods.)
  • YES!!  I just got a big ol' spoonful of peanut butter.  It's past midnight...not normal.

    I hope this goes away soon.  It could be the fact that we haven't picked out ANY of our music or planned out our ceremony.  Yeah....that's probably where this feeling is coming from.

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    I'm stressed, but for wedding and non-wedding reasons (work, family). I actually had to end up switching up my psych meds and getting more as well as visiting my psychiatrist twice in the last month when I usually see her at most once a year.

  • I was the same way a couple weeks ago.  These last two weeks though I have been feeling better.  I think it is because I am in a lull for a minute.  I have a ton of appointments coming up and I am sure I will be overwhelmed with that feeling again!  Ughhh nerves!
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  • i am truely exhausted with all this wedding planning! honestly- i'm ready for it to be over and to be cruising in the caribbean with my new hubby for a week! i had my last major appt today with my DJ and from here on out its just little details and time lines and such. ... and the dreaded seating plan that i have yet to start! ugh.
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  • I am actually feeling really calm! My allergies are not good though and I am hoping my nose is better before the wedding. Right now its so dry and I am sneezing a lot more than I should be!
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  • i was calm until yesterday- now i feel nauseous! and i had my first wedding nightmare. it rained on my wedding day & my wedding is outside! hoping this isnt a sign of whats to come.... !
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  • I've been a rather "cool cucumber" throughout the entire process, and of the most part that hasn't changed. However, I'm started to just feel run down - I do a lot (full time job, adjunct teaching, freelance design work, knitting for commission, knitting for gifts, lots of social events/ family parties....) and I'm starting to feel that it is all catching up to me. FI wanted me to go out to dinner with one of his friend's family for a birthday last night and I just sort of melted and really couldn't. I was washing the dogs, cleaning the house, on the phone with the florist, making bouquet charms, paying bills online, contacting our event painter, changing the appointment time with our pastor for this week, etc. I just feel at any given time, there is no way I can add one more "thing" to do.

    I'm usually very organized, and this is the same now as well - most things are planned rather well and under control...but it is starting to get to me. Ahhh!
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  • The wedding nightmares are the worst!  I woke up and told fiance I had a horrible dream.  We were hanging out all day doing what I had planned.  Then I realized we didn't have our rings or our marriage license. ( I think because they are stored at fiances parents house I feel like I will forget them!)  anyways an hour before the ceremony somehow him and I were driving over an hour back to our house to get everything.   I started crying saying we would never make it back in time and I didn't have my hair or makeup done yet.  He said they could wait for us.  I said no they can't it will take too long! He said we could postpone it.  I said we cant go on our honeymoon unmarried!  LOL  ugh......the stress...I definately will not forget the rings or marriage license now!
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  • I've had really bad allergies which has made me feel run down.  Went to the doctor last Friday because my boss came down with strep and I just don't have time for that!!!  Surprisingly, I haven't hit that super nervous state yet.  I'm not sure when it will hit.  Maybe next week when my parents fly in!  LOL
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  • Im a ball of nerves. No idea why, just am. Im nervous I am going to get our count wrong or forgot someone's seating card. FI's mom makes me want to pull my hair out and I am breaking out, I never break out.


  • I have acute sinusitis and have been out of work the past two days because of it. >_< Feel like crap. Hopefully this will pass soon. I just hope that I don't get sick again before the big day. 
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