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To Do Tuesday!

Hi all!

What is on the agenda this week, both WR and NWR?

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Re: To Do Tuesday!

  • WR---it feels like everything! But specifically, working through the welcome/rehearsal dinner details with FH's family and getting registered are priorities for me this week. If we could also get FH's suit ordered that would be a bonus.

    NWR---Laundry! Being out of town 6 out of the last 7 weekends (including the last 4 in a row) has made me feel like I've just been "existing" during the week and playing massive amounts of catch up. I would like to feel settled and being ahead of the laundry helps in this immensely! 
  • WR - would you believe that we STILL have to figure out our AHR? At this point I'm tempted to put it off and just have a first year anniversary party??

    NWR - we need to get quotes for exterior painting on the house and a new roof. I need to get an oil change and the front bumper of my car fixed so I can go car shopping and get a new one!!!
  • WR:  More than I want to admit!

    NWR: work! 
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