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Open, Cash or Signature Drink Bar?


Just wondering what type of bar people are having and around how much it will or did cost if it was open bar or signature drinks only? Also looking for suggestions about what type of bar to do.

We are going to be going with Roasted Pear Beverages when we have our wedding...about 150-175 people.  I'm definitely going to be paying for unlimited pop and getting a couple kegs but not sure what to do about mixed drinks.  I know people say that cash bar is a no-no but I've been to weddings that have a cash bar and it was just fine, though I am worried about people bringing their own alcohol in (which the venue does not allow).  Comments, suggestions?  P.S. Please don't be super negative about a cash bar :)

Re: Open, Cash or Signature Drink Bar?

  • I don't think a cash bar is bad. We haven't worked out all of our bar details yet, but the plan right now is to offer the signature drink free and then a free alternative: probably beer/wine/sangria/something. Everything else will be cash. And then everyone in the wedding party gets an open bar (I think we're using a ticket system). I've been seeing more and more cash bars so I wouldn't be concerned about that. Everyone is supposed to be there for your big day, not the free booze! If you don't want it to be entirely cash bar, you could have an open bar during the cocktail hour or provide 1-2 tickets per guest and have everything pay after that. There are lots of options. It's best to do what fits your group of guests the best! Sorry I can't help with pricing information!
  • Thanks! :) I've heard of the ticket thing being good but I've also heard of it as bad...Do you know anyone who has done this?
  • We're planning on a keg or 2, some wine, and unlimited pop. I've never been to a wedding with an open bar, most have been 100% cash and no one went thirsty ;)

    I've heard about the ticket thing, but have never been to a wedding with it.
  • I haven't been to a wedding with ticketing. My venue said that for the wedding party, the bartender knows who they are and he just puts tickets in a jar to keep track of how much they drank. But if you wanted to do tickets for everyone, you could make some cute little poem and include them with the program or something. Otherwise, open bar during cocktail hour might work best. You could ask your venue what they've done/seen in the past. You could also provide a free glass of something for dinner. That way each guest would get served at the table so it'd be easy to keep track (sort of like restaurant dining). I wouldn't stress too much. Provide what you feel comfortable paying for. Nobody will criticize a cash bar! Let me know if you find out a good way to do tickets though!
  • Unless you are having a really casual, backyard reception with just your closest friends, I wouldn't do ticketing. It would come across as pretty rude to me.

    If you absolutely can't pay for open bar, how about if you just cover some kegs and wine?

    I would try to find some way to not make your guests pay.


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