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Me and my FI are thinking about having a Eroupean wedding, particularly Italy, How does one even begin trying to plan an International Wedding? For thoes brides who are in the middle of planning their international wedding or has planned an international wedding where did you begin?


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  • I started with a travel agent. The travel agent helped us come up with hotels in the area and figured out prices. From there we chose a hotel based on their wedding package.

    Some people find an outside wedding company or wedding planner in the area the country they plan to get married and work that way. 

    You can also find wedding planners where you are from who have experience planning weddings in Europe. 
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  • I agree with @TerriHugg and I wished I had began my search with a travel agent. It would have made things run a lot smoother from the beginning. I am getting married in Florence in May, and because of a myriad of obstacles toward making it the legal wedding, we opted to make it a symbolic ceremony. 

    That doesn't mean it's impossible, or even that hard to make it legal. Here's a quick link to Italian Marriage requirements. If you don't want a church wedding, you will likely have to have the ceremony at the town hall, which is usually a really old gorgeous building in the city center. There are also plenty of other possibilities. 

    I recommend contact wedding planners in Italy. I am using Jo Bertolino from Tuscan Pledges, but I also corresponded with Distinctive Italy Weddings, Just Get Married in Italy, and Italian Wedding Event.

    Another option is searching for wedding venues that you might want, and then contacting their event staff. My venue is one of those places I could have worked with and not needed a wedding planner, and I've found that a lot of venues have event planners on staff.

    I would say if you go the wedding planner/travel agent route, nail down your budget with them at the beginning, and tell them that it is strict. If they can't work with you, they will let you know. But if they think they can stretch your budget, they might try.
  • Thanks so much for the help.  I am going to reach out the planners.  I do worry about the budget especially with the exhange rate.  It may be just as expensive to have a big wedding at home.  Thanks so much for the help
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    I got married in Australia and started off researching the requirements for various locations, including Italy. Italy was one of the more complex destinations, as pp suggested. It most likely will be just as expensive as a traditional wedding at home depending on the location, but I've heard that Scotland is a great destination for European weddings (you can marry at a castle). I wanted to get married in Lake Como at a resort we had stayed at previously and it was a VERY expensive option. We ultimately decided to go somewhere new, rather than return somewherewe had already been. I did not go through a travel agent, but I certainly would recommend doing so, as the pps suggested.


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