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June 2014 Weddings

DJ...professional or semi-professional

HTR10HTR10 member
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Hi everyone! So I've been debating on and off and finally decided to ask you guys...I have the option between a professional DJ, and a semi-professional DJ who has done weddings before but it isn't his main job. My main motivation is the price, but my concern is the evening running smoothly.  As a side note, the semi-prof guy has professional equipment and all the same music..

Thanks in advance for your help!

Re: DJ...professional or semi-professional

  • Photographer or DJ?
    For a DJ we are really thinking about using an Ap on our ipod or ipad. We have friends that are fabulous and can set it all up. We are doing a low key laid back reception a few months after our wedding for those that can't make the trip.

    For a Photographer, I would not skip out on a professional one unless you knew them really, really well. You can never get those pictures again, and to me it is definitely worth the amount to get a good one. 
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  • I wouldn't mind a non professional DJ as much quite honestly, I would want a professional photographer without a doubt.  The pictures will be the one thing that lasts you want to make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing and is able to capture the right moments. Splutrge on the photographer it will be well worth it.


  • Assuming we are talking about DJ's.... Did you see if you can get reviews of work the semi-professional DJ has done.  If other's have liked him then go with that.  Talk to him and see that you are comfortable.  I've seen great music at a wedding using nothing more than an IPOD and some really expensive DJ's turn out horrible events.  Just make sure your DJ is serious enough that he will still be doing this in a year.
  • HTR10HTR10 member
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    Oh geez, I can't believe I messed that post up! Sorry I was talking about the DJ (I fixed it now!). I splurged on the photographer.  Thanks for all of the advice! Like I said my biggest concern was how they'd run the night...I'll talk to him and see what I think :)
  • pattywhackpattywhack member
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    I'm using a semi-pro DJ for our wedding day.  A good friend of mine has DJed in different bands/events but never a wedding, and has worked for a couple of different audio companies (Stanton, Beats by Dre), so he has a great knowledge of what he's doing.  I just need to get him a playlist. :)
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  • @luckystrs, I am thinking of using our music as well instead of a DJ.  I want to have music playing during reception, but I don't want the expense of a DJ. We are not doing all of the "traditional" wedding reception things like all of the dances.  My reception venue has a sound system there with a microphone, so we can still do our toasts, and play the music.

    What app are you using for the music?
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I ended up going with the semi-pro. I know he has done weddings before, we have excellent equipment for him to use and he seemed very knowledgeable.
  • What apps are you using if you're doing it yourself? I've wondered if I could do that and just designate someone to do introductions when we arrive with get our first dance immediately, then having dinner music play and then when the fast music starts everyone will know to dance lol. 
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