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Destination Wedding vs. Traditional

My FI and I have recently decided that we will have a destination wedding in Jamaica which I am super excited about! However, I'm curious if there are any other brides or brides-to-be who have done or plan to do the same thing. We are on a tight budget and after doing the math we came to realization that having a wedding and reception with 150+ of our family and friends is not possible without spending a small fortune that we really don't have. But now I feel bad that most of our family and friends won't be able to make it to Jamaica. It just comes down to either doing the ceremony and reception in our "home town" so everyone can attend but having to cut extreme corners in order to stay at a reasonable budget or not having a wedding at all. The research I've done seems to prove that having a destination wedding may actually be cheaper and it will still allow us to have a very beautiful event but with only a few family and friends. I've always wanted to have a dream wedding but I hate that all of my family won't be able to attend. I just know that a wedding on the beach would be even dreamier than I have imagined it would be, but I'm so torn right now, any advice?

Re: Destination Wedding vs. Traditional

  • Im a Vegas bride so im already on the destination train. The one thing I would say is make sure the important people in your life are there and do what u want be careful of things u haven't thought of with a destination wedding such as dress streaming and dress travel. Some have had to buy extra plane tickets for their dress.
  • I'm a bride to be as well and we are planning a destination wedding in our hometown in Puerto Rico. I feel your worries. That is why I am trying to keep my closest people in my circle. Although as much as I love for all my family to attend, do I really keep in contact with them frequently or vise versa? Ask yourself that same question. Once I did, I came to realize, my circle was smaller and so were our costs. 

    Hope it all works out! Wishing you all the love & happiness a union should bring!  =)
  • Thanks so much for your response jaime85120! I never thought about traveling with the dress so I'm so glad you brought that up, now I will definitely plan accordingly
  • Thanks Leilani83! That's a great point! My circle really isn't that big either. And best wishes to you all as well for a beautifuil day and a wonderful life together!!
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