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Destination weddings!

Hello everyone,
    My fiance and I have decided to have a destination wedding. The problem is we have not been outside of the U.S and can't decide what to do. We don't want to spend more than $10gs which sounds inexpensive to some and expensive to others. Any ideas what we should do? Is this to much money, to little? We do want our guests to be able to afford it and we also want to enjoy ourselves. Please help. If we get a perfet answer we can move the wedding up.

  Please and Thank you,
   Jasmine and Shane

Re: Destination weddings!

  • we are doing a destination wedding or sorts, we live in ny and will be married on my parents beach in maine, you could always do a "local" destination wedding

  • I agree with kourtness112. I am from New York and we are doing it in florida - but its not too much of a destination because that's where most of HIS family lives and he once lived.

  • Hi: And congrats!! I have the same issue! I have my heart set on Aruba And would love to get married there however some of my guests are saying its too expensive and are throwing in some different destinations. I feel kind of bad for them to be paying a lot of money but I also feel like having a wedding there would be a lot cheaper than having a wedding here in Toronto! Plus having the ocean in the background would be stunning and you're partying with your guests for a week not for 5 hours and everyone gets an amazing vacation: I've been online for hours and hours and hours but I guess you have to do the research to find a good place : good luck with everything!!
  • My fiance and I went to a wedding last summer in Jamaica and had the time of our lives. The bride and groom said it was unbelievably affordable, because so much of the weekend's expenses (food, drinks, etc.) are included in the all-inclusive resort packages. The wedding dinner was some of the best food I've ever eaten because on a Caribbean island, you're eating incredible seafood for a fraction of what it would cost to serve that meal in the U.S. The concern, of course, is that a lot of your guests simply aren't going to be able to come. It's a huge expense for for airfare and hotel, but you'll have an absolutely stunning wedding with a smaller group of people who really made the effort to be there. A lot of people will just consider it their vacation for the year and stay for a full week, like we did. It was expensive, but we absolutely don't regret being there for our friends and it's a trip we'll remember for years to come. My advice would be to just plan the wedding you want. If, like kaminfish, that means Aruba, do it. The people who are able to go will absolutely love it, and the people who can't go will wish you well regardless.
  • We are doing a dest. wedding as well. We will be getting married in Niagara Falls NY Im planning on spending 10g or less hopefully way less LOL google google google that's what ive been doing! Good luck on your wedding! 
  • We are doing a Tahoe area wedding. 
  • I'm from Boston and having my wedding up in Maine - a mini-destination wedding. :) There are definitely budget-friendly options available. We are spending less than 15K. 
  • We are doing a destination. Wedding in vegas! We thought a ton of people wouldn't come because its a destination wedding but when they found out it was going to be vegas, they all jumped on board. I know some think of the old vegas weddings but there are a lot of really nice and classy options. Our wedding is around $5000. Because weddig a is what vegas does they have an option for everyone one every budget. We are doing a really nice wedding at ceasars then we are deciding between and private room reception at wicked soon buffet or getting a private reception at an Italian restaurant. Both around 3500 for 40 people. After dinner and drinks at our reception dinner we are getting a double decker bus for a 2 1/2 hour tour (with an Elvis tour guide, so we did add that tacky/silliness) for only a couple hundred. Our guest love how affordable it is for them as well, we are going off peak time and their are so many hotel options. I think we will spend an extra 1-2 thousand once down in vegas in drink, food, pool parties and gambling but even then a really nice memory making wedding for under 10 grand. And it only took a week to plan! Destination weddings are the best!
  • Congrats!!

    We are from NY and having a destination wedding in Florida. The venue will cost us around 6K for about 30 people. We still need a photographer, florist, DJ, an officiant.

  • We are having our destination wedding in July 5th at couples resort in Jamaica!

    It's gonna be a pretty small group because a lot of people can't make it due to cost but am glad we are doing what we want.
    Very excited!!

    Any other brides out there getting married in Jamaica ?
  • We are planning our destination wedding for Jamaica on July 12, 2014! We haven't decided on the resort yet but we like Sandals Montego Bay and Secrets Montego Bay. Decisions, decisions...

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