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Black Lace Jacket over dress - opinions?

I xposted this to the attire & accessories board too. 

Even though I don't necessarily want a jacket or bolero, my mother sincerely wishes that I have one. Since she's paying for the dress and associated accessories, I've acquiesced. 

So we've been looking around to see what was out there, and I've not been a fan of most of the ones we've seen/tried on. Either they were far too expensive, or they just, simply, weren't my taste. We're 2 months from the wedding, so ordering from a designer through the dress shop (apart from being expensive as all get out),  isn't really an option. Plus I'm a plus-sized bride which makes it hard to find one off the rack or even to just try on. 

Tuesday, we went shopping (at this amazing plus-sized bridal boutique - can't recommend it high enough MD brides) and came across a black lace jacket (Alfred Sung J501). It's beautiful, different, and major bonus, the sample (in my size!!) was $20. TWENTY BUCKS. I may alter it so that it fits a liiiiiiiiiittle better, but even still it's a steal. 

I love it, but my mom's not completely sold on the idea of a white dress with a black lace jacket over it. We bought it anyway, but I know she's hoping we can find something else (in white). 

So what do you all think? Is a white dress with a black jacket totally cool or a bad idea for the ceremony? 

For reference, here's my dress: Linky

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