Reasonably-Priced Catering Companies?

Hi all!  Does anyone have any recommendations for reasonably-priced catering companies?  My fiance and I both have large families, so we're thinking of doing heavy hors d'ouevres instead of a sit-down or buffet dinner to keep the cost down.  Any and all feedback is appreciated! :)

Re: Reasonably-Priced Catering Companies?

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    Try Jug's Catering. Their prices are crazy cheap. I think their minimum on hors d'ouevres is $10 per person, and they have dinner options that start at $9 per person. Depending on how many people you're trying to feed, I know Marsh does catering too. A friend of mine had them cater a small party (probably 50 people) with lasagna, salad, and garlic bread for a really good price.


  • Indy Anna's based in Carmel.... try them...
  • you could try Mills Catering
  • We used Jonathan Byrd, they were reasonably priced and amazing the day of. We did plastic ware to make it less expensive, saved over $1K.
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