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Has any one had a wedding or is planning a wedding at the Branford House with 100-125 guests?  The place looks pretty big so I'm not sure if the space would be too big for the number of guests we plan to have.  I haven't been able to see it but would like some input!

I've been to Eolia, so if you have been to both, what would you say the difference the total space is?  


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  • I think 100 guests is the perfect amount for the Branford House because everyone can sit in the main room together. Any more that 100 and you need to use a side room in addition to the main room for dinner.
    But definitely go tour it; Katherine will show you the place in 10 minutes. It's so gorgeous. We have booked a day in June for our wedding.
    It has AC and that was a huge plus for us compared to Harkness. Also, it's more private (random strangers are few compared to Harkness).. And Harkness only allows 3 different caterers but The branford house is much more open to different vendors.

    Any questions let me know!
  • I'm planning for a reception of 140, and while Katherine will tell you the 3 rooms can accommodate 200 people, it would be quite cramped at 200. Our biggest issue was that though we loved the space and venue but we did not want to separate our guests. So we got a tent and couldn't be happier.

    Happy hunting!
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    So I'm seriously considering the Branford House now but I'm not sure when I'll be able to check it out.  While I wait for Katherine to get back to me, does any one remember if she can show the house on weekends?  I'm currently a full time grad student in a different state and can't get there until the weekends.  If any one has pictures taken of just the raw space (maybe when touring) I would love to see!  Also, if she can't show on weekends, does any one know if they have regular tours to the public of the place (similar to Eolia)?
  • She usually tours on the weekends. We toured as a wedding was setting up, which I wouldn't particularly care for if I was the bride, but I was happy she fit us in! haha. 

    Unfortunately I don't have any photos for you (they're on my old phone). But during the week when there aren't any events its used for faculty offices and space. Anyone can just walk in. 

    Also, do not email Katherine, I know it sounds weird, but i found that she's much more responsive with phone calls, usually within 24 hours.

    Good luck!
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