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October 2013 Weddings

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

What are you ladies doing for this? A friend gave me her grandmother's handkerchief as my something borrowed, but that is all I have. 

Re: Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

  • Old: Pearl bracelet from my great aunt. Only a few years old, but it's still not newly purchased for the day or anything

    New: Dress

    Borrowed: my sister's veil

    Blue: garter

    Annnnd I bought a sixpence from my mom's birth year for my left shoe
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  • @sewinlovewithDMB I'm do a sixpence as well! My cousin has one. My dad is from Northern Ireland so I definitely wanted to do that. 
  • Old- My maternal grandmother's wedding band will be incorporated as a charm on my bouquet.

    New - Wedding Dress

    Borrowed - Wedding clutch (from a friend) and/or broom (for jumping of the broom) (from my soon-to-be sister-in-law) 

    Blue - Blue rhinestones on the bottom of my shoe that say "I Do" and my boyshorts that say "Mrs. Walker" in blue rhinestones as well

  • Old - Pair of pearl earrings from FI. They're only a year old, but at least they're not new, so it counts!
    New - Wedding dress, necklace, shoes.
    Borrowed - Our venue has a "borrowed" box in the bride's room, I'll pick something from it the day of.
    Blue - Star Wars garter
  • Old- 2 pieces of my grandmothers dress are being sewn into mine.

    New- everything I am wearing!

    Borrowed- a six pence (covers both!) from my moms best friend

    blue- my garter and my mom got me the I DO rhinestones for the bottom of my shoe.
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  • Thanks so much ladies! 
  • Old: My ivory broach and earring that I've had since I was a child and my grandmother gave me.

    New: My dress, jewelry, hair items, shoes, yadda, yadda.

    Borrowed: Handkerchief from my bestie from her wedding.

    Blue:  My mom made the petticoat for my dress, and used blue thread.

    Sixpence in my shoe:  It'll be a 1967 sixpence; which is the year my FI was born.  I'm also hoping like CRAZY my mom will let me borrow the sixpence she wore in her shoe when she married my dad. 
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    Old - my great grandpa's rosary that will be tied around by bouquet.... New - dress..... Blue - sparkly blue shoes..... Borrowed - ??

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  • new- earrings


    blue- underwear from VS that a friend gave me at my bachelorette party

    I am really stressing about the old...

  • Old - My grandmothers cameo bracelet

    New - New earrings, special for the occasion

    Borrowed -  A (fake) butterfly I borrowed from my sister to put in my bouquet

    Blue - My grandmothers garter belt
  • I'm stuck on this too - I have nothing old and nothing borrowed yet :S


    New - pretty much everything!

    Blue - there's some blue on the lingerie I'll be wearing! And I'm wearing Converse sneakers with my dress so I will be wearing blue socks (very low ankle socks that won't be visible over the shoe)

  • Old - I am using some of the lace from my mom's wedding dress to wrap my bouquet in.
    New - The dress I guess. Most things would work.
    Borrowed - I am wearing the pearls that my dad gave my mom on their wedding day
    Blue - Wearing blue shoes!
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