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Well almost, I'm an October 6th bride.  

Anyone else freaking out?  I don't have too much left to do but I don't know how to wrap my mind around that fact that it is so soon!  In my head I still picture it a year away... things are getting exciting!


  • Same here.. we are getting married October 5th, and it feels so surreal at this point. It's all starting to hit me finally, but all the things I still need to do and all the loose ends are making me feel sick!
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  • It's so surreal. I still feel like we are a year out and have all the time in the world. Now, I need to buckle down and get it all done!
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  • Yep, I'm officially freaking out! Can't believe at one point this shindig was over a year away! I've been putting off a few things (seating chart/escort cards, card box, assembling bridesmaids gifts, writing cards to BMs, parents, and FI for the rehearsal/day of as a thank you) so I am hoping to get some done this weekend, since next weekend is my bachelorette party!
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  • Yep freaking out...FI & BM just bought suits today, my bachelorette party is tomorrow night, I just ordered our disposable plates & silverware...the list of things to do is still ridiculously long...I'm going to blink and October 5th will be here. Going Monday to apply for our marriage lic.
  • I'm October 6 as as well! I can't believe it. I'm not nervous at all. Just excited!
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  • I keep switching between exhilaration and complete panic! Doesn't help that my coworkers choose to remind me several times a day how little time is left for me to make sure all of the little details are pulled together. Just keep telling myself that I have two more weeks and then all wedding craziness will be gone & I can relax and focus on enjoying the party with my new husband :D
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