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Has anyone thought about having boudoir photos done?  All of my (skinny) friends have or are having them done for their fiancé.  I know my fiancé would love it, but I am so self-conscious.  I guess I also wonder if a photographer would be open to it, or what poses/outfits would be flattering.

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  • Do it!!! There are some companies that specialize in plus size boudoir photos! You've just got to search them out! You'll be beautiful no matter what!
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  • I did them for my husband this summer. I'm an 18-20, and they turned out great. I don't look like I'm a size 2, but I look way better than I imagined I would look.
  • Go for it! I got boudoir photos done and they made me feel so confident. Look for a photographer who thinks all bodies are beautiful. Maybe talk to them a bit first and ask what outfits they suggest for you. That should give you an idea if their confident with bodies of all shapes.
  • I've gone back and forth on this.  I think I might do these for our 1st anniversary for him.  :)
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  • I'm actually going to do mine the morning of the wedding as I'm getting ready. After I get my hair done while I'm waiting for my girls to get there hair done. I'll look goregous with my hair and makeup done and it will help me feel sexy all day! Can't wait! Oh and I'm making a book for my FI with the photos :)

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  • Do it! I'm considering making a bound album of a boudoir shoot with our photographer as part of my wedding present to my FI.

  • I did what's called a semi sheer photo shoot years ago. I'm a 22-24 plus sized women and I wanted some sexy pictures of myself. I went and bought some fabric that when laid up against the skin u could see through, but when flowing hid the problem areas. They turned out so beautiful.
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