I was wondering if anyone is currently working with a planner or know of one that you would recommend? I am considering the idea and would love to hear any recommendations available.

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  • I hired Carisa Lockery and it was the BEST MONEY I spent on the entire wedding. It rained and was freezing the day of our wedding. Carisa set up an indoor ceremony without ever needing to ask me a question and it was more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined. She also helped my mom purchase small blankets for guests that did not dress for the weather. They were rolled up with string and with sign that said "warm wishes"! Amazing. I cannot recommend her enough. This is a link to her business, CR Socials. Whoever you end up using, I highly recommend having at least a day of coordinator, depending on your venue. We had a "bring everything in" type of venue, and a day of coordinator was imperative. Can you tell I am glad I had a day of coordinator? Sorry for the overly enthusiastic post. I just can't express how helpful Carisa was. Good luck!
  • I hired Kia from ESTOccasions and just loved her. She did more than I expected, was there when I needed her, and there when I needed her and didn't even know it. She never dropped the ball, and not only did I love her, but so did my husband.  He felt 100% to call her and talk to her about things he needed help with and that said a lot to me  BEST BEST BEST choice. 
    counting down to the big day
  • Bill from William Parkinson Events! We met with him a few times and were all set to hire him, but unfortunately our budget tightened and we had to move on without a planner. (Our wedding at Anthony's Oceanview turned out beautifully, but it was a lotttt of work! It would have been much easier had we used a planner!) I so wish we could have hired him- he was really great, super responsive, had great ideas, understood my vision and was veryyy reasonably priced. Although I was not able to hire him- my good friend did hire him for her wedding 2 weeks ago at Aria and everything was beautiful! She told me she was thrilled with him and everything he did for her. Please check him out - and tell him Holly sent you!
  • Sixpence For Your Shoe is also very highly regarded.
  • Thanks ladies!
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