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Just sent my invitations out Monday and already got 3 RSVPs in the mail! So excited! Only about 7 weeks left!
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Re: Yay RSVPs

  • fiance and I have a deal that we must be together to open RSVPs. It's SUPER exciting! Congrats!
  • @dramamonkey we opened the ones we got together. That sounds like a good plan to open all of them together...but I get so excited I hope I can always wait on him to open them! Congrats to you too!
  • fiance and I have a deal that we must be together to open RSVPs. It's SUPER exciting! Congrats!

    FI and I also have that agreement, but because they go to his house, he sometimes will peek through the envelope when they come in the mail. I've also let him open a few while I'm on the phone with him, b/c I'm just so curious to find out who it's from.


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  • So exciting!! I just sent out my invites on Saturday so guests should be receiving them today! I can't wait to start getting RSVPs!
  • I was excited to start getting them back until I started getting them back with ridiculous numbers written in for number attending.  Two of my cousins who I invited as singles RSVP'd 3!  :-(
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  • Are the cousins single?  Who do they think their other 2 are?
  • Yesterday was my first day since we sent out invites without any RSVPs. We've gotten about half of them back, so far. 
  • I am expecting a lull till the RSVP deadline. I think at this point people either are just waiting since they can or RSVPing no.
  • I wish the people who are RSVPing no would just send them back earlier rather than later!  Our invite list ended up being way more than I wanted, so I am relieved when someone says no.
  • @jenfromjersey I feel like people think they will hurt your feelings so they wait till the end. 

  • @marsm4 Ugh. I'm sorry.  Those phone calls are just beyond awkward.  Good luck.

    We haven't gotten any back in almost a week. We got a nice surprise last week though when FSIL RSVPed for all three of them (her, husband, and adult daughter in the home) when we thought she was going to be attending by herself. 
  • Thanks @WonderRed, yes it is...
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  • We got our first set of RSVP's in the mail yesterday. All of them were yes except for one which we already knew that this guest couldn't make it so that wasn't a huge surprise. What I find irritating though is when you address the invitation to Mr. and Mrs. such and such and they reply with The such and such's and that could mean two things: One could be that they are attending as a couple which was how it was addressed or Two it could be that they are bringing their whole family when the invitation clearly just states Mr. and Mrs. not The such and such family.

    UGH! I may be looking into it too much but it's kind of important to know so I can make sure we include a spot of whoever they presume to think we know what their entire family number wise. Rather irritating. 
  • I know what you mean. We got one rsvp back from my FI's uncle and aunt, there was no return address, and just marked as Mr. Smith was the only one coming. The problem being, we had a few single Mr. Smiths we sent to. Thankfully when we sent out the invites we numbered the response cards on the back, and so it was quick enough to figure out who it was from.

    We also had an invite RSVP 4 (them, plus 2 kids) when it was just for them. The husband we spoke to before the RSVP came back and he asked if children were invited, and we had told him we were keeping it to family only. He said that's fine, and would make sure wife knew. Got the rsvp back, marked 4, then about a week later got a text from the husband saying to count them in for the wedding and the wife knows it's a 'no kids' event. Not quite sure if we should say something, or just suck it up and chance having an extra 2 kids there.

    You could always call/email/send a quick note (or ask your parents to if it's their friends) saying "FI and are excited that you and Mr./Mrs. are able to attend the wedding. We look forward to seeing the two of you at the wedding" and see what you say. A little effort on your part, but worth it to know who's coming.


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