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Has anyone been to Moorea?

My fiance and I are trying to narrow down honeymoon location ideas for May 2014. So far the front runner is Moorea, but no one I know has been there to vouch for the articles I've read. Has anyone been there? What can you tell me about it - the overall feel, activities, etc. Thank you!

Re: Has anyone been to Moorea?

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    I went there last year.  We split our honeymoon between Moorea and Bora Bora.  We loved it.  We stayed at the Hilton in a deluxe garden bungalow.  We had our own private plunge pool.  I kinda wish we splurged for an overwater bungalow, but we saved that for Bora Bora.  We found Moorea had more activities (as compared to Bora Bora)....snorkeling (absolutely amazing at the hotel, but we also took an excursion), diving, ATVs, whale watching, or just renting a car and driving around the island for a day.  Most restaurants pick up at hotels so we got a chance to try several and weren't tied to the resort.  

    How long do you have?  We spent 6 nights in Moorea and that was more than enough.  If you have enough time (and budget!), I would consider splitting your time with another island.

  • I've been a few times! In fact, i'm heading back next month. I've stayed at almost every property there. It's gorgeous and the best value IMHO in French Polynesia. There is lots to do both on land and of course, in the water. It's obviously expensive to get there - at the very least you'll spend $5k for a standard room for 5 nights, and it's expensive while there, but totally worth it. I'm more than happy to give specific recs based on what you're looking for in a resort and your budget!


  • Thanks for the info! We don't have a specific budget yet...I looked up flights and saw they're about $1,800 p/p. Honestly I think I'd be ill if we spent for than $7k total (including airfare). That being said - is Moorea totally unrealistic? I'd love to split between 2 islands if it's possible. Also, did you both go through a travel agent? Thanks!
  • TK just ate this really long post I made! UGH

    I'm assuming you are pricing air from your home city and direct to Moorea? I'd price frm LAX and then price your domestic portion separately. Though, Air Tahiti Nui is now offering $99/pp domestic flights to get to LAX. Also, once you're in Tahiti, take the ferry over to Moorea to save money.

    I think $7K for two islands is really going to be tough, depending on room categories and islands chosen. Even Moorea only would be difficult for anything over 6 nights. As I mentioned above, if you stayed 5 nights in a standard room, the least you'd spend would be around $5K before meals and activities. Some resorts are running promos, though, that include some meals. If you want an OWB, you're definitely going to be over $7k. The least expensive second island to consider is Tahiti and then Huahine.

    I HIGHLY recommend using a TA for anything in the South Pacific. The trips have a lot of details that are easy to look over when planning on your own. Check out Tahiti-Tourism.com's agent search tool.


  • Thanks @Jells2dot0. I've never even heard of Huahine. It sounds like you travel quite a bit. We're not set on Moorea. Maybe you can recommend another great place! We're looking for something laid back on the beach, with other activities (my fiance always has to be doing something), reasonably priced, somewhat exotic but still safe - and a little on the americanized side. If we didn't have to fly a full day each way, that'd be nice too. The only place we've ever been is to the Bahamas, and Mexico is out....
  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    If you really like the idea of Moorea, check out Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. It's a little less expensive and the Cooks are part of New Zealand, so they speak English. It's a long flight, though. I'd also recommend Kauai. It's the island in Hawaii that is most like Moorea. In the Caribbean, St. Lucia is the most like Moorea. I know Hawaii is in the US, but you really do feel like you're away from home. Another option is Costa Rica. You can have the jungle and the beach all in the same trip. It's relatively inexpensive compared to Hawaii or Moorea and it's very popular with Americans.


  • I will be looking into all of these. Thanks again.
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