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Destination Wedding Ideas Anyone???

Where are some really nice places to do a wedding and have a honeymoon, like Sandals, but are there other all inclusive resorts and destinations that you would recommend?  If so, what is the resort name and best time to go?

Re: Destination Wedding Ideas Anyone???

  • I don't have any to recommend, but I would just like to throw out there that many places like that are super expensive and will make it difficult to attend your wedding for guests. If you're okay with many people declining, then fine, but there shouldn't be any anger toward that. Personally, I have no interest going to a expensive all inclusive, so I wouldn't attend unless it was my brother. 

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     Costa Rica is an *amazing* destination, & nicest to visit late June, July, or early August. Not only are the resorts nice, it's a beautiful country & there's soo much to do! My recommendations for hotels would probably be between the Riu, (there's 2 there), and the Four Seasons. Both are great chains, as well as gorgeous! You'd definitely want to consider your budget, as well as potential guest budgets, (as mentioned above), as it can be pricey. The Riu is pricey, but not unrealistic to me when thinking 'destination weddings.' The Four Seasons is definitely the more $$ of the two, and you would likely have some guests that may not be able to attend due to cost. Both have informative websites, & you can kinda get an idea of what they offer, and if it goes with what you're looking for. :)

     Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is beautiful as well, & the beaches are great! I would choose Punta Cana over Puerto Plata, as it on average rains less in Punta Cana. Again, I would recommend the Riu, or an NH chain. Both are nice chains, and beautiful resorts. The only downside to Dominican, is that there is less to do overall, & you're kind of stuck to staying at your resort, unless you pay to do an excursion. If you're looking to stick to a resort, or not wander too far, then this could definitely be the place! Due to this, the resorts there generally offer a variety of free activities with them. I definitely give a recommendation for the resorts there, but personally, my husband & I are the more adventurous type, and Dominican Republic wasn't the destination for us! We enjoyed it, but for that reason, we will not go back. We found it not quite as safe off of the resorts, (on is completely fine, & there are armed guards on the resorts for safety), and we were often bombarded to buy things from locals off the resort. (Not fun, & keeps you wanting to stay on site)!
     Those would be my 2 recommendations for destination weddings! A girlfriend of mine got married in Mexico, and absolutely loved it, but I personally don't have a recommendation for there, as I've never been. Regardless of where you go, definitely do your research thoroughly! I do know a lot of resorts will give you your stay for *free* if you have a certain # of guaranteed wedding guests booked with them! Definitely an option worth looking in to! :)

     Good luck with your search!


  • I'd check the DW board, first. There are also DW wedding magazines, which might be more helpful. 

    From what I know, Sandals-type resorts are extremely pricey. I went to a DW in Punta Cana that was absolutely beautiful, if that helps. 
  • I agree with Elca- Check out the DW board where everyone is planning or planned a DW! I had a DW in Australia with just the two of us; others on the board are planning larger DWs. There are literally thousands of places to choose from depending on what you are looking for and what your budget is. A DW can be as inexpensive or expensive as you want it to be. As pp mentioned, having a DW comes with that idea that a lot of people may not be able to make the trip. So, you have to decide if you are okay with not having everyone present or if you want them there, having to pay for them to attend. In most cases, DWs can be cheaper than a traditional wedding because a lot of all inclusives have complimentary wedding packages. It can be a very exciting and memorable experience, but it is certainly different than a traditional wedding.


  • I'm having a destination wedding in Puerto Rico. I looked for beach houses rentals in VRBO.COM and found a beautiful villa that sleeps 28 people and they have staffing that helps with the wedding preparation, , is perfect because my guests don't have to worry about hotels and where to stay,, we are all staying in the place and the price is Great! !
  • Does it have to be overseas? how about Florida New Orleans or Outer Banks?
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