Brooch Bouquet & Rest of Wedding Party

Okay.... So I really like the brooch bouquets I'm finding on etsy.  Our colors are deep purples and deep reds.  My concern is that if I go with a brooch bouquet for me....  will it look okay for bridesmaids bouquets and guys boutonnieres to be done with real flowers?  Help!

Re: Brooch Bouquet & Rest of Wedding Party

  • You could have them carry smaller versions of your brooch bouquet if you are concerned about the way they will look compared to yours.  But, I think if they had flower bouquets and you had a brooch bouquet it would look fine anyways.  Alternatively, they could have a few brooches on their bouquets, either stuck in amount the flowers or one on the stem part.
  • Now my photographer is suggesting I don't do a broach bouquet at all.  She thinks it can be too much and take away from my dress.  Any thoughts.....  ???
  • Why is your photographer telling you what type of bouquet to go with?  Lots of people have brooch bouquets and have lovely wedding photographs...
  • I'm doing a brooch bouquet too. It will be combined with flowers and will be a cascading type. It's not your photographer's job to tell you how to decorate your wedding or yourself. It's their job to make what you decide look good. My dress is David's Bridal T3299 - lots of lace and sequins and pearls! And I'm still doing my bouquet. It will look just fine! Do what you want! It's your wedding! Not your photographer's!
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  • You are both totally right! :)  Its our wedding and I should pick what I want for my special day.  While I have seen several flower bouquets that I think are absolutely beautiful.... I just still can't get the brooch bouquet out of my mind.  Maybe I'll feel better in making the decision once I've found the dress.  :) 
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