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Anyone else having trouble getting people to send them in? We're waiting on 31 now. Our response date was on Monday. I am getting really annoyed. I've started slowly contacting people, but I feel annoying doing it.



  • I am getting scared too! I hate calling people, so I totally know what you mean about feeling annoying :/ our deadline is Friday and we are still missing about 80, I figure I will wait until mid to late next week after the deadline before I call. Good luck-hopefully people are nice when you call!
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  • Surprisingly we only had about 5 that didn't send them back! Our due date is today. I was shocked that almost everyone responded!
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  • i'm still waiting on a few people and out rsvp send back date was the end of august. I had some people tell me that they are coming they forgot to send in the mail i even had one friend not receive her invite! 
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  • I think we are now waiting on 7 people. We did not have a due date on cards, and for the most part that worked out (except for these 7). Instead of calling people, I did send some facebook messages to my friends who hadn't responded. Most of them had already sent them back (we got the cards a few days later) and apparently one even got lost. At least sending a fb message wasn't as annoying as a phone call, and it did get me the answers back quickly.

    But for the 7 who are still missing - not sure how I will find out if they are coming or not. It is rather annoying, and I hate to say it, but I am totally judging them now. Are they waiting for a better offer for that day? 
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  • we are missing about half and i'm wildy irritated because a lot of them are people we KNOW are coming.. like, GROOMSMEN and FAMILY. and they say, "well, the rsvp date isn't until the 21st, right?"

    UHHH, SO? i can't stand people who wait until the last minute to do stuff. LAZY.

    i'm just bridezilla-ing. we'll get them eventually!

  • We are still waiting for about 30 and the deadline was last Thursday, but, we pretty much know what the outstanding answers are. I started contacting people yesterday and heard back from most. I still have 4 people (2 couples) to reach out to - the rest are FI's parent's responsibility.

    Awkward story:

    One of the people that we needed to hear from was FI's dad's sister.  We were over at his parent's house yesterday to give them the list of people they needed to follow up with and visit, and the sister calls.

    She's not coming - but she was on the phone with FIs dad saying 'who should I make the check out to' and they had a 10 minute conversation about it! While asking how we want the check made out! SOOOo awkward. There was confusion on whether we would be able to cash a check made out to both of us with the new last name - or if she should just make it out to one of us - because we don't have a joint account yet.
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  • I had quite a few that I never received by our deadline (the 1st).  I had to track a few people down and got the runaround from a couple but we are finally all set.  We are turning in our food choices, headcount, and seating chart this weekend.  I can't believe it is getting so close!!
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  • Our date was September 1st and we had 30+ who hadn't responded. We gave it to 9/3 (because of the holiday weekend) in case people decided the 1st was an acceptable day to send it back. We got 8 cards in the mail on the 3rd.

    I had to hunt my dad down cause he never sent his (really?!) and we just sent out Facebook messages to everyone. Most people got back to us quickly, but we did have a hard time with 2 or 3 stragglers. What frustrated me the most was that I knew people were seeing their messages cause FB tells you... yet I didn't get a reply for days. I wanted to shake some people! lol

  • We have all of ours finally.  We were missing about 5.  One was my good friend from HS who was at one point my closest friend (we had a slight falling out over the last 5 years but still are good friends).  She made a big stink when her invite didn't come right away (apt # was wrong) saying how she doubt she was even invited and blah blah blah.  Guess she wanted to "get back at me" and never sent it in.  My mom contacted her since the RSVPs went to my parents, and she never answered her.  I had to get in touch with her and all she said was oops sorry. 
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  • Our RSVP by date is today. We're missing about 7. But 4 of those we're pretty sure are coming, and the other 3 we have no clue (including one of my sisters, gahh, drama!)

    My dad and stepmom hadn't sent theirs in yet (although I already knew they'd be there), and when I visited him today he pulled it out, filled it out real quick, and then circled the RSVP date several times and said "Seee! Not late!" Haha. He's a butthead.
  • I still have time before rsvps are due - but I was curious to see what others are doing about VIPs (i.e. wedding party, officiant and parents). I have not received a paper RSVP from two of my BM and 2 of our GM or our officiant and his wife - but I'm taking their verbal commitment as the positive RSVP. I do talk to them all on a regular basis though - i guess that would change my actins. Anyone else doing this or will you still call them?
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  • I will not be calling, I figure if my maids have bought the dress/groomsmen have been measured for tux that they will be there! I may call my mom to see if she is bringing a guest or not but that is all.
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  • So frustrated, our deadline was the first, we are still missing 68 RSVPs!  Really people, I'm so glad I wasted putting all those stamps on there. 

    We have tracked down most of them and are still unsure about 12 couples. I'm getting worried cause we have to the final count next week.  
  • YES.



    Seriously, I put a STAMP on every single one of those bitches so they could be returned easily. You can walk to the mailbox to GET the invite but can't make the same walk back to SEND the RSVP? Really??

    haha i LOVE this!!! its like i spent the time to put the invites together and spend the money on stamps!!!!!! which nowadays arent cheap!
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  • Our RSVP deadline is just under two weeks away (Sept. 25). We mailed them one month ago today (Aug. 13) and the wedding is one month from now (Sept. 13). We're at 65 percent return rate and we're waiting on 27 RSVPs yet. 

    Some of them are people like GMs and BMs and I'm like, "mail the card back, please!!!" But I'll wait until Sept. 30 to start calling.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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  • Our deadline is a week from today.  We are still waiting on 22 RSVPs.  I know about the bridal party!  We are still waiting on two people.  I am like Chicken or Beef people!  LOL  I wonder if they are trying to decide if they are bringing a guest or not.  That is what I keep telling myself anyways LOL.
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  • We are now waiting on 4 people! AH!
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    image 293 (Adults) Invited
    image198 Yes (+ 12 children and 3 babies)
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  • We're waiting on a bunch of FI's family and after his mom freaked out about us asking if she could talk to someone on her side with regards to writing in their children (no friends kids or second cousins were invited), I don't even want to ask her if she can find out if the rest are coming.


  • We have 6 people we're waiting on; one is a couple (fiancé's cousin and his girlfriend) and the other is a family (fiancé's uncle/aunt/two cousins). Serious question though; my fiancé has called his uncle twice now (our due date was the 12th) and his uncle has not called back. We have to give the caterer a final count on the 24th; is it horrible to give it one more try and if we don't hear back we assume they aren't coming and don't include them in the final count? I mean I know they're family but my parents are paying for the food and it's too expensive per person to pay for four people who have ignored us and don't seem to want to respond.
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    Our RSVP date was Sept.6 and we're still waiting on one couple. My fiancé's dad emailed the couple (they're his cousin & her husband...we offered to call but he said he'd take care of it) and we haven't heard anything back. Not sure what to do...I guess I just won't include them in the seating chart if they don't care to reply. We had to give our final number to the lady doing our cake pops already (yesterday), so I didn't include them in that.
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    We only have a 59% reply rate at this point, and the deadline is in one week.

    His family has already started calling people because 23 of the 66 remaining are from his family. My dad has starting asking his people too because 16 are his. I asked a couple of people as well. Everyone else will be called/Facebook messaged/texted three days after the deadline.

    And just like with my patients, if they don't respond to three contacts, they will be considered 'lost to follow-up' and god help them if they decide to show their faces.

  • Ours is 75% response rate! We are just waiting for the last quarter to "officially" come in :) - which I think is pretty good given our deadline is still three weeks away!
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  • Gave 3 options: return RSVP stamped postcard (only stamped for older people), call, or RSVP on the website.  At the deadline 9/15- we were still waiting on nearly 100 people to respond (300 invited).  We started contacting by facebook, text messages, parents etc. for 1 week and told them the Reception would be RSVP only.  After that week we turned in our headcount. 

    We did personally call a few of the older people and very special people we hadn't heard from.  Funny thing is the older people liked the postcard so much - they didn't want to return it (even with a stamp on it).  As far as the Wedding Party - we explained that unless someone other than the spouse was coming they didn't need to RSVP.  Attending 200, Declined 40, No response 60.

  • Our deadline is Wednesday, and we're only missing 11, so I'm pretty stoked about that. FI has said he'll call his family/friends starting on Friday, and he's giving them a firm deadline of, "If we don't hear from you by X date, we are going to assume you aren't coming, and we will not plan on meals or chairs for you." 

    One of the people we're waiting on is my MOH -- I know she's coming, and I know her FI is coming, so I'm not sure why she hasn't RSVP'd yet, but I'm not worried about it. Some of FI's family who haven't RSVP'd yet are elderly, so I'm sure tracking them down is going to be difficult. One of his grandmother's sisters-in-law can only come if someone agrees to drive her, because she can't drive any more for medical reasons, and everyone is kind of assuming someone else will do it, so that's frustrating.

    I'm waiting on one of my cousins to reply, but his mother has (verbally) told me that he's coming (why he's 40 years old and can't RSVP himself is another story).

    We're doing pretty good, I think.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • We got our LAST rsvp today! WOOOOP!

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