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August 22...

My fiance & I looked at 8 venues last week, and fell in love with the second to last... However all saturdays were booked up so with a lot of talking with our family and friends we decided to book it for Friday August 22... I was just so iffy about a Friday wedding but it seems like everyone else was in favor of it! On the plus side, the venue was $500 cheaper to be booked on a friday rather than a saturday! :) Anyone have any pros/cons of a friday wedding?!? Either way, I'll be happy at the end of the day he will be my husband<3

Re: August 22...

  • If it's on a Friday you will generally have cheaper costs across the board. Guests will also have all weekend to re-coop. However, some guests may be tired from work (if its an evening wedding) or some may have to go back to work (if it's midday). Friday also means out of town guests will probably fly in earlier, so they might have to miss multiple days of work. 
  • I'm having my wedding the same day!!! Food and alcohol were my priorities I didn't want to use a lot of money for a venue. It was $1500 dollars cheaper to have the venue on a Friday vs a Saturday. I ended up winning a package at my alma mater and they said I had to choose a Friday or Sunday which worked perfect because I already had a Friday date. All of my people even those who aren't in the wedding are taking that Friday off or a half day who doesn't want a Friday off?!? Lol plus it gives them time to recooperate on sat and they won't feel their whole weekend is shot. This is your day and the people who matter will make the sacrifice no matter what day or Time u get married. Also a lot of people go to church Sunday so a Saturday night of partying May not be ideal for all either. I plan on negotiating with vendors bc it is on a Friday an "off" day
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