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Transportation to the Ceremony.



Is there a certain tradition on how the bride arrives to the ceremony?  I thought I read somewhere that her Dad is supposed to bring her.  But others say she goes with her bridesmaids.  Does it matter?  What is everyone else doing?



Re: Transportation to the Ceremony.

  • photokittyphotokitty where I want to be mod
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    It doesn't matter. And it really depends on where and when you need to be. I was dropped off by my SIL. I think it is more common to arrive with the bridesmaids and mom. But I don't think it matters and you can ride with whomever you like :-) GL!
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  • NYCMercedesNYCMercedes BOS, NYC, DC. Forever a city girl member
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    I arrived with my dad. My daughter arrived with her bridesmaids. It's whatever.
  • I drove my car there.
  • Doesn't matter. I'll probably be loaded into a car with my sister and mom. 
  • Doesn't matter. I'll probably go with my sister (MOH).
  • My parents drove me and my BMs all packed into their mini-van.

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Whoever you want, really.  Mostly I have seen the brides come with their bridesmaids, but there's no uniform rule. 
  • When I was a recent bridesmaid, the bride and her attendants rode a limo from the preparation hotel to the wedding/reception site. Dunno how the groom and his attendants got there.

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    No. There are no rules about the bride's transportation to the ceremony.  Come however you see fit.
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    It doesn't matter. My FI and I are driving to the ceremony spot together. 
  • I think it depends on your circumstances. My dad needed to drive my mom & two aunts who flew in for the wedding to the church. There was no way my mom was going to drive seperately. I also wanted to get dressed at the church to limit exposure to the weather in my dress before the ceremony. So limo took me and the girls to the church, we had lunch there, got dressed & then dad walked me down the isle.
  • I was crammed in a car with my mom, my three bridesmaids and one of the groomsmen (my sister's BF)
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