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To Do Tuesday!

Hi ladies, What is on the agenda this week both WR and NWR?

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Re: To Do Tuesday!

  • WR: figure out what dress to wear to the engagement party (any suggestions. It's fall themed at an Italian restaurant?) and make the rest of the centerpieces.

    NWR: I should start writing my paper that is due for grad school next week

    Besides that I forgot to say that I bought my wedding dress this past weekend and my bridesmaids fell in love with their dresses. So excited!!!!
  • @crocam68 pics or it didn't happen! If you are worried about your FI seeing the pics you could always just link to the dress on the designer site if applicable. great check!!

    WR - packed just about everything up and put away :( Still need to figure out AHR, I am dragging my feet majorly!

    NWR - get my car fixed (think that will be Thursday), call around to get estimates to get our garage/house trim painted. grocery shopping!
  • It has a matching flower girl dress that I'm in love with!! I also have to find a new headpiece since that one was ridiculously priced!!
  • @Crocam68 You look so pretty and happy!!

    As for my to-do list...sigh...

    WR--Still trying to schedule a weekend to get up to Asheville (major stress point), make contact with some potential officiants, book RH/welcome dinner venue on behalf of FH's mom (long story there but really, I am happy to do it and know that it's done), on and on and on....

    NWR--Take care of my sweet doggie. She had spinal surgery a year ago and now something in her back is acting up (neurological deficit). Took her back to her (EXCELLENT) surgeon this morning and without doing imaging he is not sure but HOPING that it's arthritis and not another disc issue (the liklihood that it's disc is VERY slim). I could go on for paragraphs about this--our dogs are our lives---but she is on a good cocktail of meds and crate rest for the next couple of weeks so we will watch for improvement and play the wait and see game.
  • WR:  get petes suit, fake rings, mail stuff

    NWR:  Work and umm I dont know 
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