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Church/Chapel for Ceremony in the Falmouth area

My fiance and I are getting married next year in Falmouth. The reception is at the Flying Bridge but we want to have the ceremony in a church or a chapel. The only problem is we are not from there so we don't belong to a particular parish and, he is catholic and I am episcopal. 

Does anyone have any recommendations on somewhere in or very close to Falmouth we might try?

Thank you!!

Re: Church/Chapel for Ceremony in the Falmouth area

  • I got married in the Unitarian Universalist church in Barnstable but there is one in Falmouth.  We were able to use our own officiant.
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    Have you had the discussion about religion?  It's a tough one, but is H expecting you to convert or to raise your children that way?  I just ask because if H wants a Catholic priest, then my below suggestion would not apply.
    My H is Catholic and I am Episcopal, too, but he was okay with getting married at an Episcopal church.  Many of the churches up there are used to people hosting destination weddings, and do not expect you to belong.  The church in Orleans went so far as to even let us use our home parish for the pre-marital counseling and our priest just had to send a note when we had completed it.
    That said, the episcopal church in Falmouth is absolutely gorgeous.  They might be worth a call.
  • We had our reception at the Flying Bridge and had our ceremony at the First Baptist church of Pocasset... adorable little sanctuary that has a cute "chapel" feel to it. It was about a 20 minute drive to the FB from there. We had 124 guests and fit comfortably in the church. They don't usually have weddings there, so they don't advertise for it or have info on their website. But the Pastor  is SO nice and so accomodating. We were also allowed to bring in our own pastor, which was a big deal to us. Also was the cheapest around... $200. I can send you pictures if you'd like... since they don't have any online.

    You can email him at 
    [email protected]

    We also looked at John Wesley United Methodist church, which is less than 5 min away from the FB. I don't remember how much it was gonna cost, but it was very nice and very cute inside!

    Hope this helps! :)
  • Thank you, everyone! This was a huge help!!
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