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Opinions needed!

Okay so I am new to the idea of DW, but it is sounding better and better to me. Here's some background: I won't be getting married until summer 2015 , my fiancé and I have been together since we were 13, and our wedding will be during our 10th year together. My budget is around 12-15000 and my parents are paying for it. I think we could get more for our money by having a wedding in Europe somewhere with my immediate family and his immediate family, honeymooning there for a week or two, and coming back to have a small celebration with friends. My fiancé is hesitant because he is close with his friends and isn't sure he wants a ceremony without them. I know his friends would be fine with it, and we could celebrate with them when we get back. Any opinions on this situation?

Re: Opinions needed!

  • First and foremost would be to sit down and hash out what each of your "must have" list for the ceremony is -- not only the guests you want but also the feel of the day / what aspects of a wedding ceremony are important to each of you. If that list ends up including your FI's friends (for him) then I don't think it is really fair to continue to push for a DW that wouldn't include them. Luckily for us, H had a small group of friends (that were also mostly on my own must-have list) and they were all able to attend. I think that if anyone on either of our must have list wasn't able to attend we would have altered our plans going in. 

    Also - welcome and congrats!!
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