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Dear Body,

Getting sick this close to the wedding is not okay. Get your shit together.


My throat hurts


Dear FMIL,

Thank you for throwing us under the bus to your sisters. You knew from day one that kids were not invited, they wrote in their kids, we told them no they cant bring them, and you go against our wishes and act like you never knew. Thanks.

You will be my bridezilla moments...


Dear 10/5/13 ladies

10 days!




  • Dear Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Weekend - 

    You can't come soon enough. I'm excited for the festivities - but I'm also excited to stop hearing about all of the drama associated to planning these two events.

    Dear FI - 

    Tomorrow is our 1 month mark! I can't wait for October 26!
    Dear Mom - 

    Transportation for our guests to go less than a .10 of a mile across a street with a crosswalk is unnecessary. 
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    [Deleted User]RaineH
  • Dear Wedding,

    Can you please just organize yourself? Everything is done - make your own timeline.

    -Done thinking about it


    Dear Cancellations,

    Why did you wait until the day that I submitted final counts to the caterer? You couldn't have told me on Sunday when I saw you IN PERSON? Then we wouldn't be paying for your meal that won't get used.



    Dear Weekend,

    Come already! I have a marvelous pre-wedding spa day planned with myself, and I am very much looking forward to it!



    10 days! AHHHHHH!!!!!!
    image 209 Invited
    image 151 Yes
    image 46 No

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  • Dear Friend Doing the Flowers,

    I have decided that you are just use to working with roses and thus is your favorite to work with.  Well, I have presented you with a challenge.  Take it as such and just move on.  It will expand your repertoire!!


    Depressed and Angry Bride


    Dear Mom and Dad,

    I am so glad you are here!!  Thank you for asking what you can do to help out with this last month of "to do" stuff.  It is very appreciated!

    Your Very Grateful Daughter


    Dear FI,

    When I say that we need to "tighten our belts", to make sure we can finish paying for the rest of the wedding and honeymoon, that does not mean you should go out and spend money on things that are necessary at this time.  

    Your Stressed Out Bride-To-Be
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    image 84 Invited
    image 68 Yes
    image 16 No
    image 0 Unknown
  • Dear FI's grandmother -

    The fact that *YOU* told your sister-in-law she can bring a date to my wedding doesn't mean that she can. Telling me, "I told her yes, so you can't now tell her no," is both a factually incorrect statement AND a challenge. If you cross the line one more time, you will be calling her and rescinding that invitation. You're going to be the cause of my first bridezilla moment.

    No love whatsoever,
    The woman who's marrying your grandson

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
    [Deleted User]
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