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I'm bored!

My Husband...that still doesn't sound real...is sleeping. He works third shift, and I don't have a job so when he is sleeping, I'm bored silly! There is only so much cleaning you can do! lol After I get my wedding pics from the photographer, I will spend all day looking at them most likely! ;-)
I'm going to make chicken bbq sandwiches for supper, it's my first time, so hopefully it tastes ok!
I don't want to bore ya'll with my ramblings, so I will go after I ask my questions!
How is everyone else doing? Any projects being worked on? Anyone find out they are expecting a wee one yet? :-)  
Have a good and marvelous day everyone!


Re: I'm bored!

  • I love that you said "a wee one" :-)

    Things are good here, just waiting to close on our house! We were supposed to close tomorrow and then it got moved to next tuesday, and then it got moved to next thursday. Hopefully it doesn't get pushed back any farther! In the meantime we've ordered a sofa and have been looking for other furniture and appliances and I've been adding to my already ginormous "Home Sweet Home" pinterest board for home decor ideas. I can't wait to move in!

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  • Hope the house deal gets wound up for you guys! Waiting can be a pain sometimes! Good luck on the house décor hunting!

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