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Hi ladies!

I know by being on this forum, the majority of you will be already engaged and wearing a gorgeous ring, but I just HAD to share this jewellery site with you anyway, and who knows, you could get your wedding bands from here!

The entire site is a protest againts blood diamonds, all materials are recycled and 5% of all profit made is donted to help communities who have suffered from unethical practices in the jewelry industry.

Not only this, but the box it comes in is gorgeous! :D
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  • my engagement ring was a family heirloom, but we got our wedding bands there and it was a really good experience. if you haven't gotten your rings yet, DEFINITELY check them out.

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  • My engagement ring is also a family heirloom, and I will be getting my ring from Turtle Love Co.

    They are a bit cheaper than brilliant earth.
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  • My engagement ring is ALSO a family heirloom. I love that it couples my love for vintage and it is also eco-friendly:)

    I have been looking into, but that you for an alternative. I am definitely going to research Turtle Love Co.!

    Mahalo Smile
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  • Also ask around or search online to see if there are any jewlery stores in your area that sell vintage rings.  My engagement ring is vintage from a great jewlery store, and we will probably go back there for our wedding rings.  100% recycled basically!
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  • Another idea that I wish we had done is having a recycled gold registry page at and invite family and friends to donate old, unwanted jewelry that can be turned into your new, sentimental rings or used as credit for custom rings you design. It's free and planet-friendly - talk about rings infused with love from everyone around you! Enjoy!

  • My diamond came from Brilliant Earth and, per my request, my fiance made sure that it was Canadian - sorta like a guarantee on the conflict-free part.  We had the custom setting done in NYC by an old world jeweller.  It was all a great experience.
  • My fiance got my ring here. I had always loved the site and he bought be a beautiful antique. Their customer service was great and it is most likely where we will get our bands from.
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