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This week went a little faster then I anticipated. I get done with work at 3 today and only work Mon and Tuesday next week (those two days I am sure will take forever).

After work, my mom and I are going shoping for pretzel rods to coat in chocolate for the candy buffet and to pick out part of our wedding gift.

Tomorrow we are going to my grandmas to cover the pretzel rods and then I have to bartend at night.

Sunday I work 11-6 at the bar, unfortuntely its a bye weekend for the Packers.



  • Hoping to buy a mattress tonight for the new house. Family party tomorrow in the morning.  Sunday is my bachelorette party! Also, hoping to also move some furniture in the new house in between the other stuff this weekend. We'll see if that happens.
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  • This week has been crazy! We are in the process of preparing for year end with the looming potential government shutdown.  Definitely doesn't make things easy!

    However, I've gotten permission to not work this weekend so that I can attend my bridal shower and bachelorette :) - so I'm definitely looking forward to that.

    @stina51286 - let me know how the pretzels go!  I'll be doing the same thing in a few weeks :) FI LOVES chocolate covered pretzels - and I love anything that is chocolate so we thought it would be a fun favor.
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  • I've had this week off, and unfortunately I haven't got much done!

    Lots of homework I've caught up on, a few wedding things done but mostly a lot of relaxing. This weekend I will be hanging out with my mom and then football all Sunday!

    Back to work on Monday, when I will get my annual review (which will most likely be horrible as I have become very disengaged), and then I have to muscle through Tuesday and Wednesday at work before being off until the following Monday!
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  • I got myself a pampering spa day tomorrow - I am so excited!!! Tonight I am dedicating to escort cards I think. After the spa tomorrow I plan on really thinking through my timelines for next week, and Sunday I have a gender reveal party for my brother/SIL.
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  • I have a BAD case of "Wedding Brain" lately.

    I'm at work, I'm getting some work done, but I'm not being productive. 

    I'm busy looking up ideas for gifts, checking my personal calendar for things to do/get done, creating my "To Do" list(s) and just about anything I can do while chained to a desk that's wedding related EXCEPT getting through my WORK "To Do" list.

    I also think having Monday off isn't helping with this most recent bout of the "FuckIts" that I've got.

    Monday we get our license.  I'm SO excited about it!  We're also running errands to FINALLY get his ex-wife's name off his bank account (don't ask), and off the electric bill.

    And tonight we're going to the local football game so I can watch my son march in the halftime show.  Or, as I say; "Football; the annoying shit I have to sit through to get to the half time show!"

    And, my sweetie can't do lunch today like we were hoping.  So, bummed girl right here.  He's busting ass to get outta work early so we can make the football game at a reasonable time tonight.

    So...COME ON 5pm!!!!  I'm ready to get the FLOCK outta here!!!
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  • Happy friday to me!! My bank god robbed today! 2nd time in less then a year..... Thanks for getting me out of work early on this gorgeous Friday though!
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  • TGIF is right.  This has been the longest week ever at work.  I have a busy weekend ahead of me too.
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  • @joelle; do you work at the bank?

    Robberies are SOOOO sucktastic!!

    I was tellering when the girl next to me got robbed one day.  So.Horrible.

    She never fully recovered to tellering. 

    Hope no one was hurt!
  • I'm sooo glad it is Friday!!!  There have been so many highs and lows this week that I'm ready to just have some down time on Sunday.  Saturday will be filled with errands so rest that day!!
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  • @shaylagirl yes- this is the SECOND time in less then a year for me. 2 different branches. i still somehow love my job! hahaha.

    they havent caught him and i have to work tomorrow though thats what is scary!
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  • To the bank tellers: what are you instructed to do if you are being robbed?! That's crazy!!!
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  • @schellzinator we give them WHATEVER they want! and once they leave lock the door and call the police!
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  • @joellennitsche my goodness. I can't imagine how scary that must be! Stay safe!!
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