Shapewear help!!

Hi ladies. My wedding is June 14th but I feel like I need to start looking now because I don't think it's going to be easy to find what I need. I need something (a corset?) to go under my dress to smooth things out. 

My problem is I'm a bigger girl but with a small chest. So I need it bigger around my mid section but smaller up top. Does anyone know of any websites I can do special orders on? I'm also in Canada so if anyone knows of any Canadian suppliers that would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions!
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Re: Shapewear help!!

  • cant offer any help but a word of advice go someplace where you can try on stuff. i bought a shaper panty yesterday to go under one of my cocktail dresses for a dinner dance i was going to last night the tag said 2x but the thing dug into me that by the time i took it off i was itching all over. 

    your best bet would be to go to a shop that specializes in bras and stuff not a store in the mall but someplace locally 
  • I do agree that trying something on is the best option but I don't think there is a specialty shop where I live. The closet would probably be 2-3 hours away which is a bummer but might have to do it.
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