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Food for Thought

I need some help my fellow Knotties!  The wedding ceremony and reception is Halloween 2014 and we're trying to decide on what food to have for our buffet.  Our wedding is completely non-traditional from the dress to the vows to the choice of dinner music so I feel why should the food be any different!  
I'm not a fan of "wedding food" (no potato balls for this girl!) but I have no clue on what to serve.  We don't have a favorite food because we love to mix it up.  We did consider a food truck but then we have to rent more items so choosing a cater seems to be the more logical route. So what screams memorable fall yummies for a Hallowedding to you?

Re: Food for Thought

  • gmcr78gmcr78 member
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    I think you should talk to some local caterers and tell them exactly what you said here.  Many caterers have different options to choose from, and if you have something specific you want them to add to the menu, they'll probably figure out a way to do it.  They may have some "outside the box" suggestions for you.

    When I think of fall I think of pumpkin and spices.  What about a pumpkin ravioli?  That's super yummy.

  • The majority of the weddings I've attended in my life the food has been blah at most.  I really want to have good food that fits into our theme or at least is cohesive in style like Italian, BBQ, Mexican ect..  Who said a wedding dinner must have some kind of chicken, beef and green beans??  I HATE green beans but caterers keep trying to get me to have them so this is why I turned to the forum for help.

    Thanks to the forum we now have two good ideas; a soup bar (which is very fall) 3 - 5 soups, salad and maybe a pasta or Italian (I'm Italian and it is my go to food) veggie and reg lasagna, pasta, salad and some other side.  :) Thank you for your help!!
  • I have said the same thing to a few caterers but they just give me their menu to look over, no creative ideas at all.  So I figure if I come to them with exact thoughts and ideas then maybe they'll see what I see.
  • gmcr78gmcr78 member
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    I love the soup bar idea.  Glad you found some options!
  • gmcr78gmcr78 member
    Fifth Anniversary 500 Comments 100 Love Its Name Dropper
    Why is this a sticky?  TK makes no sense anymore.
  • I am also having a wedding around that time next year, and plan on going with comfort foods like pulled pork, beef on weck, macaroni and cheese, etc. While it doesn't go with the theme, it will be delicious!
  • I'd love to hear more thoughts on a soup bar!  We are doing a winter wedding (12/28/2014) and looking for an affordable catering option.  We also are looking at a less traditional venue.  It's a large estate where we will have use of all of the rooms on the ground floor.  No single room is large enough for all 200 of our guests at dinner tables, so we will have tables scattered throughout the estate, plus couches, coffee tables, board games stations, etc.  SO, a traditional plated dinner wont work because everyone would have to be in seperate spaces.  We wanted to do a buffet where folks could pick at food throughout the night at different tables - but we're afraid that a full plate of buffet food will be too hard to navigate without a simple and formal dining room.

    So, now we're on to thinking about smaller portions of food that our guests can literally go back for seconds or thirds of (think hearty h'or d'oeuvres).  And NOW i'm wondering if we could add a soup bar, served in mugs.  Thoughts?  Is this cute, warm, and wintery - or just a messy logistical nightmare?
  • Some ideas that came to mind were mini quiesh (sp?), cocktail weenies done as pigs in a blanket or just to dip. Spinach pies, sausage pinwheels also might be good. Hope my small brainstorm helped.
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