October 2013 Weddings

October 19th Brides

....as you can tell, we are the chill ones in the bunch.

We're not freaking out.

We're not posting down a countdown.

That's right, we October 19th women have our shit together and are as cool as cucumbers.

*removes tongue from cheek*

I'm seriously kidding.  I -feel- together, and when my photojournalist asked me what we had left to do, the list was very short.  The money we owe is "big", but the list itself, short.

So here's to us, we October 19th brides.  Keeping our heads level, and charging ahead to our wedding day and our lucky husbands-to-be!

Re: October 19th Brides

  • I'm October 20th and I posted this on Facebook and Instagram the other night. :o)

  • ;)@stina51286

    I couldn't help myself this morning. 

    While last night I had a mini-meltdown and bitchfest.

    And I also did a VERY generic "How much have we/will we spend out of OUR pockets on our wedding?" total.  It's not as bad as he was saying it was.  We're still under OUR budget.  Whew.
  • Ha! Rub it in. You have a full 7 days more to plan than I do. I envy you of those 7 days at the moment.
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  • @shaylagirl we are 5K under budget! I budgeted everything high so there wouldn't be any surprises.


  • shaylagirlshaylagirl member
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    <3 you @SewInLoveWithDMB :)

    It's amazing the difference those 7 days make, huh?

    @Stina51286, you suck.  ;)  Nah, seriously, that is SO awesome!!  I tried to budget high myself, and when my parents offered to pay for the reception, it was such a HUGE relief off both of us that I didn't feel as guilty about the little splurges.
  • I've really only had one "meltdown".....I have a combined venue/caterer/DOC, and they weren't getting back to me to finalize the menu and stuff.  It's fine now, but I spent about a week in freak out mode.  
    However, that motivated me to visit the doctor for some Xanax for "just in case" as I get closer to the date.  A week with my mom will be enough to make me start popping that stuff like candy!
  • I am definitely in a borderline meltdown phase. I guess just the thought of pleasing everyone else. I am getting anxious about the day of and I am taking it personally that a lot of family from the Midwest will not be coming. HO-HUM!


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  • October 19th bride here.  Totally have it together so far.  Blew through my seating chart last night bc I surprisingly had ALL of my RSVPs back (due on the 28th).  I have some appts this week.  So far so good.  Looking forward to the big day!
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  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee member
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    I'm still in the process of chasing 42 RSVPs with less than three weeks remaining. I'm kinda losing it.

  • @vainemerald, me too, none of my Midwest family is coming, which happens to be my mom's entire family.  

    Also, I was just in one of my bridesmaid's wedding on Saturday, and up until that point I was perfectly sane, as soon as her limo drove away with the happy couple, I started melting down. This will be the crazy, busiest, most emotional 18 days ever!  But on a side note, we received our first wedding present in the mail today!  Let the day come already!
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