makeup trial/DIY (PIP)

Did my makeup trial last week. here's what we came up with after she did NINE eye combos. i just wasn't loving anything until i realized i really loved the way her makeup looked, and voila, wedding make up! the eyeliner will be thinner and i'll be wearing false eyelashes. it's kind of funny that my friend wears this kind of makeup every day and i think it's glam enough for wedding makeup!

I also made some luminaries from mason jars, vintage doilies and buttons, and twine. these will line the walkways to our reception tent. not sure why it's sideways because it's not on my computer.

Re: makeup trial/DIY (PIP)

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    Love the makeup!  It looks great!  I wear a decent amount of makeup normally and I certainly have friends who would think it's a glam look so I know what you mean.  I think it looks like the perfect amount of makeup for a wedding!
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    You look gorgeous!  That would be all the makeup I could take, too--I just wear tinted moisturizer on a daily basis--and I really like how it looks on you.  I like the mason jars, awesome idea.

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    aww thanks ladies! i had a lot of fun because i barely wear makeup at all.
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    eyes makeup is very nice, did you try some blush or bronzer, i always feel like people leave that area out and it can make such a difference
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