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NWR: 30th Birthday Parties & Presents

This year and next year most of my friends are turning 30 years old and now the invitations to the 30th birthday parties are starting to roll in.  Should I be bringing a gift?  These are for people I've never exchanged gifts with in the past.  Maybe a nice bottle of wine and a card?

Re: NWR: 30th Birthday Parties & Presents

  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    That seems perfectly fine. You don't have to bring a gift either, but if you'd like to, wine or a gift card is totally appropriate. 

    I have a friend turning 30 this year. He's getting some Patron.

  • Wine and card is nice, I think.


    Personally, I would NEVER show up to a party celebrating a birthday without a gift...but that is just me

  • Some of these "parties" are just a group of us going out to dinner or meeting at a bar but I agree I think I would feel weird showing up empty handed.
  • Hmmm this must be a group by group thing. In my crowd people frequently throw parties/gatherings for their own birthdays, but nobody ever does gifts beyond booze.
  • I guess it depends on how you guys normally handle birthdays.  My circle of friends we stopped giving gifts after high school.  We get together for birthdays and Christmas but do not do gifts.  Usually your birthday meal is paid for and around christmas time we do a girls weekend.  We would rather spend our money on doing something fun together, but that is us.

    My 30th I just wanted my best friends and our husbands to get together for dinner and a fun night out and that is exactly what happened.

  • ViczaesarViczaesar Central Coast, CA member
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    I just had my 30th birthday party at the end of August (hosted by someone else, of course), and I was surprised to receive gifts from maybe 1/3 of the guests.  I really didn't think I'd get any at all.  What I got was a potted plant, a gift card, two candles, and some booze.  I would only bring something if you want to or would feel uncomfortable showing up without something, and in that case I would bring a bottle of wine or their favorite booze.  Basically I would treat it like an engagement party - gifts optional, and booze always appreciated.

    [Deleted User]
  • I always bring a gift if someone has taken the time to coordinate a get together.  It may not be anything substantial...but I certainly don't show up empty handed.

  • I'd definitely bring a card, at the very least. I'd probably bring a bottle of wine or something small along, as well. 
  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    We don't really exchange gifts in my group, but we all did for our 30th birthdays. It was a nice milestone to celebrate. I got everyone wine or liquor. 

  • We just went through the 30 birthday circuit.  Most parties were just a night out at the bar.  If it's a party that you would want to bring a gift.  A bottle of wine or small gift card to a favorite restaurant works great!

  • I guess it really depends on your circle of friends.  I've never exchanged birthday gifts with anyone.  Usually, we meet for dinner/drinks and if someone is feeling generous, they buy a beer or a shot for the birthday person (usually, not everyone does because there's 10-20 people per gathering...)
  • I generally exchange birthday presents with close friends. My 30th birthday was actually combined with my bachelorette party this past weekend (went to see a show together and then out to dinner. It was tame and a lot of fun!)

    Many of the guests brought me gifts - wine, gift cards, cash, jewelry, and artistically talented friends made gifts according to their talents.  

    I would suggest bringing a bottle of wine. Have fun!
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  • 30 was not a gift giving occassion in my crowd.  40 seems to be a different story though.  FI just had his 40th and about 1/4 of attendees got him something small with most of those things being gag gifts about old age.  A friend that makes chocolates made chocolate bars with a 40 on them and that was really cool. 

    In addition to chocolates or wine "throwback" candy could be fun like pop rocks or a ring pop.  If it is at a bar you could do some bar bling like a party store necklace with a 30 on it or a drinking cup with a 30 on it.

  • IF you're paying for the birthday gal/guy's night out, a card is fine.

    If it's at someone else's place, bring the host and guest of honor bottles of wine.

    can't go wrong w/ that.



  • When my close friends and I go out for each other's birthdays, there is no exchanging of gifts, since it's more us going out casually and celebrating, as opposed to a "birthday party".  (The birthday girl never pays for her dinner though.) However, I've gone to a few 30th birthday parties that were more formal (the host or hostess mailed an invitation, the venue was somewhere that needed to be booked in advance, lots of decorations, etc), and I always bring the birthday person's favorite bottle of wine/liquor, etc, and a card.  I can't imagine going to a formal birthday party and showing up empty-handed.

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