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What bridal jewlery to wear?

I am getting married next June and cannot decide on what jewelry to wear. My dress is a simple A line gown with a sweetheart neck line. There is very little detail on the actual dress, excluding a beaded belt high on my waist line. Any suggestions?

Re: What bridal jewlery to wear?

  • I think it depends on style of jewelry you tend to like anyway.  I personally HATE traditional bridal jewelery (rhinestones and pearls just aren't my thing).  Your dress sounds similar to mine (although I removed the beaded belt--seriously, I'm weird and hate sparkles) and I'm choosing to go with a bold statement necklace (large beads and mix of pale rose quartz and coral dyed quartz).

    Regardless of the necklace style (if you like sparkles/pearls, go for it!) look for a necklace that will fall a little below your collarbone and if you get something with a drop or a pendant just be careful it doesn't fall too far and end up nestled right smack in your cleavage.
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    I think since your dress is relatively simple, you can use chunky or statement jewelry if you want.  If it were me, I would wear dangle earrings and a bracelet.
  • I wore a pretty simple dress and chose statement earrings and a bracelet.
  • My dress has no bling on it (but does have other design elements going on), so I bought a chunky sparkly bracelet and sparkly chandelier earrings.  I'm not wearing a necklace b/c it would be too much with the earrings, and sometimes I think necklaces distract away from your dress because your eyes are drawn up to the necklace.  I want my dress to be the main statement.
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