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October 12 Brides

TWO WEEKS!! TWO WEEKS! OMG TWO WEEKS! AHH I can't believe it! ( Can't you tell? haha!)
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Re: October 12 Brides

  • I can't believe it's so close! I'm gonna have a panic attack. Every time I get something done, three more things get added to my "to do" list. My list is still rather short, but I feel like it's short because there are more things that I'm forgetting! I feel like I'm going to end up forgetting a whole bunch of stuff and the day is going to be a disaster!

    The nightmares have set in. I'm so worried that something, or everything, will go wrong.

    This past week we made most of our final payments, and I got my hair done.

    This week I have my last fitting and hopefully the dress will be perfect and I can take it home. We'll be picking up our marriage license this week. FI's bachelor party is this weekend, but it's out of town so he'll be gone all weekend. We should be meeting with our photographer this week if she ever emails me back. And then I'm going to be finishing our seating chart hopefully and just picking up a few more things for the kids bags.
    Everything else will wait until the week before the wedding.
  • i cant believe it!!! i just want to start decorating my barn and hope for a beautiful sunny day!
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  • Stop it. Ahhhhhhh

    I've started to lose weight involuntarily (and am very slim to begin with) and am waking up in the middle of the night a few times. Not super stressed, but just want to make sure everything gets done.

    But, very excited!!
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  • Ok, I was calm until I read these posts.  LOL. 
  • I had a nightmare that my bridesmaid dresses that are pewter, ended up being daisy, brown and lapis colored! And my sisters had brown and yellow tulle straps OMG haaha
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