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To Do's

What does everyone have left to do? I have a manageable ( but still too big) list. Wedding is 10/20.

1. Finish up day of timeline with DJ
2. Get to go boxes for cake! :oD
3. Pick out old, new, borrowed, blue and sixpence.
4. Send timeline to bridal party/VIPs
5. Finish up dress fittings.
6. Give final head count to venue on 10/10
7. Shop and pack for honeymoon
8. Make final payments
9. Give honeymoon itinerary to parents.
10. Work on toast
11. Get guest book from the person making it.
12. Have table runners and suit for FH/FSS pressed
13. Get contacts for myself. 
14. Make lists of things to take to rehearsal/wedding venue on day of/honeymoon
15. Iron on decals to our shirts for rehearsal and honeymoon 
16. Put together welcome bags when we receive all the items.
17.Possibly label coloring books for our littlest guests. 

Re: To Do's

  • I have so much left to do for my 10/25 wedding!

    1. Find a cake topper after I decided NOT to pay $100 for the one that I originally wanted

    2. Find a flower girl basket

    3. Trim my artificial flowers for my centerpieces

    4. Figure out bridesmaid shoes (Anyone good at this? I need help!)

    5. Put together bridesmaids bags

    6. Print directions to the venue to leave for our out of town guests

    7. Book the hotel for our wedding night

    8. Do timelines for... everything....

    9. Final dress fitting

    10. Write vows

    That's my 'short' list... Uh oh! Lol.
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  • Not too shabby @psychangel2u ! I know Hobby Lobby/Michaels/Joann's has cake toppers and flower girl baskets. Our cake topper is a metal H we got in a cute little gift shop. If the bridesmaids shoes are stressing you, what about having the girls pick their own and you maybe pick the color? My girls will wear whatever they want because their dresses are floor length. 
  • I have to: 
    1. Meet with the DJ, give him the list of songs/instructions, and the final half of the payment (scheduled for next week).
    2. Do the reception seating chart (can finally start this now that the RSVP deadline has passed and we've tracked down everyone).
    3. Do the centrepieces (down from an initial estimate of 20 to a much more manageable 13).
    4. Pay the final installment to the florist. 
    5. Give the pew seating arrangement to my DOC.
    6. Confirm the readings with the two lectors.
    7. Wrap the BP gifts and write their notes.

    I plan to knock out numbers 5, 6, and 7 tonight. FI and I will do the reception seating chart together this weekend. Then otherwise, I'm pretty much set. 

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • * have my hair trial
    * have my final fitting
    *get pumpkins for seating cards
    *pass in final count for venue and pay them after estimate is back
    * wrap and write bridal party thank yous
    *get basket for bathroom things
    * get three more picture frames for parents wedding pics and the bathroom basket sign
    *put together the flip flops with the tags that say thank you and the sizes
    *get my ring cleaned

    I am sure there is more!

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  • @prettybirdy27 you could take them to the drycleaner and have them pressed. That is what I will be doing. 
  • My to do list is more than I wanted at this point, but nothing unmanageable. I've been saying that for a while though.

    • Put favors in cellophane bags with a slip of paper 
    • Get basket for programs for ceremony
    • Send DJ song list that we (mostly) have created and have ready for him
    • Finish escort tags - have started them
    • Get checks and final payments ready
    • Gave reception venue final count, but have until 24 hours before to make any changes
    And a couple other little things, but overall, we're in really good shape
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  • - wrap presents for wedding party

    -do up our 'Meet the Maids' and 'Meet the Men' blurbs (just little blurbs about each person in our wedding party with a picture of them to put on the table with the guest book)

    -get a couple more chocolate bars (our tables are the names of chocolate bars instead of numbers, so we have that chocolate bar on each plate)

    -get new perfume

    -finish up centerpieces

    -final payments

    -pick up cake pops on Friday & flowers on Saturday morning


    I hope that's it!

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