David's Bridal Corset and Bustle Alteration

I am having David's bridal alter my zipper backed dress into a corset backed dress. Has anyone else done this with their David's Bridal dress? Roughly how much did you pay for it? What about your bustle?

Re: David's Bridal Corset and Bustle Alteration

  • I didn't do it, but I got an estimate for it there. It was $150.00 to change from a zipper to a corset and the bustle, for a ONE point bustle, was going to be about $40.00.  The dress I was looking at also had buttons down the back covering the zipper. They wanted to charge me $5.00 PER BUTTON to remove them.  I said, but you are cutting it out to put in the corset, why do I have to pay for button removal?!"

    DB is notoriously overpriced for their alterations.

  • I got mine changed to the corset and I think it was about $175 and it turned out great. My dress was not long enough to need a bustle and I was glad that they did not try to sell it to me.
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  • I got my dress at DB too and had to switched from zipper to corset, that was $150 or $160 (it was a year ago) but money well worth it to me. My weight was going up and down the last month, some due to nerves and some due to extreme cold so it was nice knowing we could tighten or loosen up the dress as needed on my wedding day.

    The bustle, well I paid out the xxx for that. I didn' go with a traditional bustle. I went with a ballroom bustle where the dress is tucked under and buttoned to the insie of the dress. It was the bustle that looked best with my dress. I had 18 buttons I think, the first three I think are included in bustle price & then eah additional button was $5 if I am remembering correctly. I'm not sure if that many would be required on every dress, but  have to say, the bustle stayed up with no problems, even after lots of dancing.

    When it was all said & dne I think the corest & bustle ended up running me around $350.00.

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