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I can't decide on a date!

Ahhh. I'm so torn on the date! Okay - my FI wants it September 20th because he likes that it will be in the low 70s and in general much cooler. Since we are having an outdoor wedding, he is obsessed with the possibility of being overly hot (he is always hot lol). I agree since I don't want to be sweatin buckets in a giant dress. However, I want a summer theme wedding...not fall. Am I pushing it by having a garden themed wedding that far out? Technically it isn't Fall until Sept 23rd. I have no idea what the foliage will be like then either, I think the leaves will be changing by then? 

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks ladies!

Re: I can't decide on a date!

  • It kind of depends on where you live. In South Ga or Florida you can get away with summer themed wedding in late September, Northeast, Northwest, Midwest...not so much
  • You are able to look up the weather for the date you choose. Of Course it may not be exact, but you can get an estimate. I had my venue look up the time the sun was setting since I'm having an evening wedding. Just type in either date you're looking for and at least see what it says. Good luck!

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