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Paying for the Limo

The bride has said on several occasions that it will be so cheap to split the limo that will take us from the church to the hall the night of the wedding. About 40 bucks per person.  Both my husband and I are in the wedding.

Am I wrong to think its totally tacky to ask us all to cheap in for that?  Or should I just shut my mouth and go with it.  I find that very hard to do, for 80 dollars.
Whitney Venessa
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Re: Paying for the Limo

  • Ew, she expects her BRIDAL PARTY to help pay for it?!?!?!? Tacky, tacky, tacky. She should be paying for your transportation, your flowers and your meal.

    If she insists that you need to chip in in order for you to ride in the limo, then I'd tell her you're taking your own car. What a greedy wench.
  • That is beyond tacky. If she wants a limo for that occasion she needs to pay for it. Most of WP just car pool to the wedding site or just drive themselves. If she wants to go all out with a limo then she needs to pay for it. So advice, stick to your guns if she wants people to pay to ride in the limo. Personally, I find it rude that she has mention this on more than on occasion. 
  • That is tacky.  It would be much less tacky to have you all drive yourselves. 
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_wedding-party_paying-limo?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:37Discussion:2e4d535e-ef1d-40a7-9f3b-a325af95f9f3Post:be885a4c-04bd-493d-a5fe-b8efadfc3835">Re: Paying for the Limo</a>:
    [QUOTE]Ew, she expects her BRIDAL PARTY to help pay for it?!?!?!? Tacky, tacky, tacky. She should be paying for your transportation, your flowers and your meal. If she insists that you need to chip in in order for you to ride in the limo, then I'd tell her you're taking your own car. What a greedy wench.
    Posted by mbcdefg[/QUOTE]

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  • LMAO, I thought I was right, but its been a few years since i was married, i was a little WTF about the whole thing.
    Whitney Venessa
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  • You should not have to pay for that.

    I'd let her know that you and your husband will be fine with your own transportation, but thanks for the "offer."
  • Thanks girls, I knew I was right!  My sis is also in the wedding,  looks like I will have DH vacuum out the car for us the day before. lol. 

    Whitney Venessa
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  • While I really do believe that the bride and groom should help organize and make sure there is transportation for the WP, asking them to pay for a limo is ridiculous. Next time she brings it up just state that you have alternate transportation.

  • Tacky!!!! I would just drive myself.
  • Hell no.  You should NEVER have to chip in for the limo.  A limosine is an additional expense, and it's not necessary.  If it's "so expensive" for the bride and groom, they can find a cheaper transportation option, or you can all drive yourselves.  Personally I'd rather drive myself than pay $80 for a limo ride.

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  • Ditto PPs.  You shouldn't have to split the cost of the transportation that she arranges.

    Just do as you say, "Well that's going to be out of our budget but don't worry.  We'll just take our own car."
  • That is in no way, shape, or form something that the WP should have to chip in for, even under the most pervasive "being in a wedding is expensive" mindset.  You shouldn't feel bad at all about turning down her "offer" of a limo ride.  Ridiculous.
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  • I don't know where this bride got the idea that asking the WP to chip in for their transportation, but that is one of the tackiest things I've ever heard of. If the couple wants a limo/party bus/town car, then it's their responsibility (And theirs alone) to pay for it.

    If the bride mentions you paying to be in the limo again, just politely say "Thanks, but I'll just use my own car that day".

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  • Tacksville.  Tell her you'll drive yourselves.
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  • This isn't prom. You're not the center of attention. It is beyond tacky to have your BP pitch in for the limo.
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  • What everyone else said.  Totally tacky to expect the bridal party to "chip in" at all just to ride in the limo.
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  • I won't even say it's tacky.  It's rude.

    The idea of using the limo is supposed to be an added convenience and benefit to the WP. 

    Paying for that makes it neither a convenience nor a benefit.
  • stina said exactly what I was thinking... prom? or wedding? I understand people are on budgets and whatnot and still want a nice wedding but seriously people... learn how to cut things... don't start making other people pay for 'your day'

    This gave me a bad taste in my mouth.
  • Yes, if she wants a limo she has to pay for it.   Otherwise she should be telling everyone to do something or should have run it by as an option before saying it's definitively what they are doing.
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