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Allure Bridal Discounted Dresses?

Hello - I was wondering if anyone ever found a discounted dress that was in a shop near you but was much cheaper online? Or you found the actual warehouse of where the dress actually came from. Which usually would be cheaper. Anyone have any luck with this? Pros & Cons? Trying to save money on a dress I fell in love with but its out of my price range.

Re: Allure Bridal Discounted Dresses?

  • DD bought an Allure gown and loved it.  If you are looking at online sites, make sure you check on the Allure website that it is an authorized Allure dealer.  Otherwise, it is likely a Chinese knock off site and you will end up with an inferior quality gown that you will never be happy with.
  • You may also be able to find it through a preowned wedding dress site, like or . A lot of salons sell their samples there at discounted prices too!
  • That's great thank you!! :)


  • Also, check ebay.  I was in love with a Lazaro gown.  I found one that was a store sample there that was only one state over.  It had a tear on the bottom ruffle, presumably it was stepped on.  I'd have driven the five hours to the store, tried it on, bought it and had the ruffle repaired during alterations if it had been the right color.  I was looking for white or natural white, and it was dark ivory. Too bad!   It would have been a $2,200 savings over ordering it new.  BUT check the gown's location.  If it's China, it's a knockoff.  Also, if you're concerned that the price is too good to be true, ask for the receipt from where it was purchased to confirm it is authentic. 
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  • @lilbeanybby where are you located?  A store in my area (House of Brides in IL)  is doing a sale this weekend, and is also doing a sale at their Distribution Center.  They also are doing the sale online if you order.

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  • There are a lot of knock off sites with Allure dresses for super cheap, so like others have mentioned, make sure you check that the site is legit first.

    There is a bridal consignment store in my area that has dresses 30-50% off retail price. Do you know if there is anything similar in your area?

    Also, just check around at different stores. I bought my Allure Couture dress in the 3rd store I found that carried it for about $400 cheaper than the first place I looked. 
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