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September 27, 2014

I am just using this board to see how excited those of you are who are also getting married in September? The planning is getting fast and furious.  I have gotten the big vendors booked. My last big ones are flowers/decor, video and hair/makeup.  Dress shopping this weekend and can NOT wait!  Have you September 2014 brides booked your hair/make-up yet?  I certainly think this will be extremely important but have read that some of you wrote that hair/make-up is too early to book this far ahead.  BTW.... 360 more days!!!!!! :)

Re: September 27, 2014

  • Hey! I am excited also! Now that it's a year out I am thinking about planning more. When I got engaged I told my hair dresser because I want him to do my hair, he's been doing it for years, and asked how far out I needed to book something and he said not to worry about it any time soon. It does seem too early, but I don't trust anyone else with my hair. Maybe 4 months out I will check back with him to see about booking.

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  • I am getting excited, nervous and a little overwhelmed.  We have our venue booked as well as our DJ.  I already have my dress, in fact I bought it at a sample sale last year!  We are trying to figure out what we want to do for catering and cake yet.  We are trying to keep costs down as we are paying for the wedding ourselves.
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  • I'm so excited that I think I'm starting to annoy some people lol I must admit I'm a little overwhelmed too. We've got out venue, our photographers, dj, and my hair and make-up booked already. I've gone out looking for dresses twice already, and I'm going out again on Sunday with my Mom and MIL to see what I'm pretty sure is THE dress :) We're paying for a lot of this ourselves too, but I've gotten really lucky with my photographers since they gave me a bit of a discount because they just did my friend's wedding in June. I'm also using the same hair and make-up person that she did so they waived the travel fee for me and gave her same prices as well. I have to say that going to Wedding Expos in the area have been really helpful with finding a lot of vendors that have easier to swallow pricing since we're trying to stick a budget too.
  • I always think I am annoying people too :) but then I decided..I have been trying to NOT put everything on FB because that can get a little annoying.  But it's so hard because I am SOOOO EXCITED :)))).  We are going dress shopping tomorrow! I have a little of an entourage coming (ooops i know that is a no-no) but couldn't help it.  My sister is coming to Phila. today from Pittsburgh just for this. And my FI's sister and mom are coming too.  And of course I need my best friend!! :) We are going to 2 different places. I have waited for this day FOREVER!! and... i woke sick today!! what?!? brides-to-be aren't supposed to get sick.  I am going to try to do nothing today so i can feel better for dress shopping. 

    Did you ladies do wedding websites on here? I did and everyone has loved it... fun to share with my friends :)

    Wish me luck on dress shopping!!! :)

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