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Private location for First Look, mid-Strip

Hey y'all, we have about an hour and a half with our photographer to do First Look photos and a mini Strip tour. After that we're headed to the Platinum Hotel, so we'd like someplace relatively close to there that won't be crawling with tourists in every shot. Right now we're thinking about Paris or Aria, since they have some quieter corners where we can have a private moment ... any specific suggestions or secret spots your photographer took you that you're dying to share?

Re: Private location for First Look, mid-Strip

  • Aria's convention center space is (usually) quiet - unless there's a convention, of course! It's very pretty as well - very airy. 

    I also like Vdara. There is a swing in the bar area and a very graphic black and white wall that might be nice. It's a very small lobby area so it is easy to have a private moment without a million gawkers. But, being a couple in wedding gear will get you gawkers, even a few. 

    Wynn and Encore have luxurious decor and some private areas in the convention/meeting areas (seeing a theme here?)

    Although I would recommend picking a place in the hotel you are staying at or even Platinum itself just to avoid complications and getting around in traffic. 

    In any case - consult your photographer! Any Vegas photographer worth their salt will have an opinion on this and likely some great spots of their own to recommend. Meanwhile, here are some more spots to get your creative juices flowing:

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  • Thanks Kazzy! Love the idea of Vdara! 

    We are staying at Wyndham Grand Desert, which is a highly functional suite hotel that doesn't have a lot of beautiful/private areas ... and we're doing family photos at Platinum so we want something different for just us. Thus the search for something close by & remote.
  • FYI - since we have limited time, we're gonna do Cosmo (I love the modern look) and then Bellagio (since you can't do Vegas without Bellagio, AND we can get some Strip views from that location). Plus they're so close that we can walk between instead of worrying about pick-up/drop-off locations.

    Thanks for your help--my photographer Rachel is featured in that article so the link was a pleasant surprise for both of us! :)
  • I know this is an older post, but i wanted to say photos around Vdara/city center and Even Cosmo could be doable.....and There are some great ideas for photos Kazzy, thanks for the link! 
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