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Vintage Theatre meets Magic Show...

Looking for Vintage Theatre meets Magic Show theme ideas. Any help with color scheme, table centerpieces, guest favors, guest book, etc.? Don't think kid's birthday party magician (no stars, balloon animals, etc) Think Harry Houdini, Prestege and The Illusionist (movies), and vaudeville era. ANY ideas are greatly appreciated. 

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    Im sorta in the same kinda
    Great gatsby but with a magician. Anyways I would do red and black. Some vertical stripes encorpotated. There's a really cool magic store down at the ward too to get inspiration. I think a little will go a long way. Too much and your right it will look like a kids party. Good luck!!
  • We're doing the vintage theatre thing kinda. We're doing red and black and some silver. Favors are masks, centerpieces will be candelabra's. 
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