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Whos excited?
Live life like its your last day!

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    [QUOTE]Whos excited?
    Posted by Shlby81[/QUOTE]<div>
    </div><div>Are there more of us??


  • Not yet I guess
    Live life like its your last day!
  • I'm here!!!  and yes, i'm excited!
  • I'm July 4th, too!  Yay!  I thought I was the only one Laughing
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    [QUOTE]I'm July 4th, too!  Yay!  I thought I was the only one
    Posted by npizz0[/QUOTE]

    <div>Im here too!!!! Im so glad theres more of us! How exciting!! Has anyone chosen colors yet?? Im dying to know.</div>
  • I'm July 4th as well :) It was our dating anniversary, so figured we should keep it! Thinking about turquoise and red for colors..
  • colors blush rose, grey, and champagne
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    [QUOTE]colors blush rose, grey, and champagne
    Posted by futurehlbii[/QUOTE]

    Me too!  I'm doing gray for the groomsmen, dusty rose/pinkish for the girls, champagne and ivory too.  Doing a vintage garden theme. :)
  • Hi everyone :)

    I'm a 7/4/14 bride.  We booked our venue last week.  I'm thinking of navy and red, sticking with traditional colors for the day.  From our venue we can actually see the fireworks that will go off that night. 
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    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah July Fourthies!!! I'm so excited .. I wish it was this summer, but I'm happy to just enjoy my engagement and take my time, too :)

    We are doing a play on 4th of july colors in the form of pastels... something like light blue, peach and ivory w. gold glitter accents...

    Oh, and a little tip for anyone looking... I found out that feathers put together in centerpieces sort of have a firework effect, if done right... that's what we're doing. 

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    Joining the July 4 train!!! I have appointments lined up at venues starting June 1 - I'm trying to find a location to watch the gorgeous NYC fireworks
  • WeeshWeesh NY member
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    I really like the firework effect!  Post some pictures once you put it together :)
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     I havent put anything together yet, but this is one I was sort of looking at and thinking of doing a variation of something like this. I think they look beautiful. just google: "wedding feather centerpieces"image
  • I am super excited!!!! July 4, 2014 is going to be spectacular. We are looking for venues now. I have no ideas regarding colors. We got engaged April 16, 2013 and finding the perfect venue has been a challenge. We even contemplated a destination wedding but changed our minds when we realized most of our family wouldn't be able to attend. July 4, 2014 BRIDE in Virginia
  • I am a July 4th bride too! I'm so excited! We are doing mostly blue and white for colors with pops of red. :)
  • I am july 4th!! I am so excited since my parents and his parents both got married on new years, another holiday with fireworks!!

    Our colors are lilac and clover; variations on our birthstones amethyst and emerald :)

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    I was a July 3rd bride for the Red, White & Boom fireworks and did the full patriotic theme & colors. If anyone goes that route, feel free to PM me with questions or for suggestions :-)
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

  • Hi fellow July 4thers!!

    So I need some advice.  I may be a little ahead of the game because my date has apparently been very popular in my area and vendors are booking quick!!  Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

    I am currently in the process of picking out bridesmaids dresses.  They are all going to pick out their own, I am just going to tell them the color, designer, fabric and long/short.  What are your suggestions on short and long?  I have always had my heart set on long because of the elegance and formality of them, but after looking for a while the short style is growing on me because I feel like you can sometimes see the details better on the shorter dresses.  Also, it's the summer so obviously short would be cooler.  I'm going back and forth and definitely could use some advice!  The colors I'm looking at are blush pink and pale yellow (or possibly some type of neutral color depending on what looks good on the BMs).  I have a vintagey theme.

    Thanks!! :)
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    I am getting married on 7/4 also, and I am having the girls wear short navy dresses.  I spoke to a few people who were married this year on the 4th, and they mentioned that it was pretty warm.  We are getting married outside, so I opted for short.  It may depend on the time of day or location where you are getting married.  Good luck!
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  • Loooove the feather centerpiece idea. Our colors are pink, black, and white. The black and white will be striped. I am so so so excited our venue is downtown in Atlanta so we'll get to see the fireworks display from downtown. Can't wait!
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