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Allowing single guests to bring a guest

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if you extended the invitation for a guest to all your single friends and family members? I kind of feel like if I am asking them to travel I decent distance I should. I'm wondering this this would encourage more people to come if they had a travel companion. What did you guys do?


Re: Allowing single guests to bring a guest

  • We did for everyone.  There was no way I wanted to ask someone to travel alone and/or try to coordinate with our other friends to go.  We had quite a few people not decide until within a month or so, and I didn't want anyone to have to wait on others to see if they had someone to share a room with or not.  Everyone was taking vacation time and money to be there, so we wanted to make sure they could truly make it a vacation they enjoyed. 
  • We extended an invite for a guest for everyone who was single or dating someone. Oddly, enough the single people still opted to travel alone. 
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  • We also extended +1 for pretty much everyone (except my sister who we knew was planning to travel with my mom and aunt). I didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable travelling alone. We only had one +1 show up that wasn't a super close friend, we'd met her before but she was super friendly and outgoing and connected really well with the rest of our guests so it wasn't a big deal.
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  • We have had 3 guests ask if they could bring 2 or more friends to share the room costs.  Our resort has several double/combination rooms which are like suite with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.  They can easily sleep 4 people and are designed for families.  Since it will reduce the per person cost and let more people join in the festivities, we said Yes.  The more people, the better the party will be.

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  • We invited everyone to have a guest.  Mainly because our resort is a couples resort so you needed two people to a room.  It just depends on the resort I suppose.
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  • We invited all single people with a guest. However, all the single folks traveled alone anyway.
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  • Thanks guys! I really appreciate the responses. We will invite everyone with a +1.
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