half price linens Props to my Vendor

I just have to give props to my vendor for linens.  We felt like we were getting taken advantage of for our linens at $10 a pop for a basic linen and $4 a pop for a table runner and $25 for skirting.   We began searching sites and found Simple To Elegant on here under Indiana Party Rentals.  They were 50% cheaper than anywhere else we found locally and the places that were for sale.  They got the items to us  5 days in advance and sent us a swatch of the colors to match up so we knew what we were getting.  They were quick to answer e mails and also when we called we got to actually speak to someone that treated us with respect and not some automated service.  The quality was incredible and we used the linens, put them in a box and sent them back dirty.  Super easy. Because they saved us money we were able to roll that budget over to our bar portion and provide our guests with something.  DON'T feel like you have to go with the price the big city places offer.  You have options. Shop around.  We did and were glad we did. 

Re: half price linens Props to my Vendor

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