Has anyone had or been to a reception (and/or ceremony) at the York Golf and Tennis Club?

I would love to hear any feedback you may have. It is one of the top potential venues on my list...

Thank you!!

Re: York!

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    I'm getting married there this coming weekend. I'd be happy to chat further once all is said and done (and show pictures) in the mean time, have you had the opportunity to meet with Dan M? He is the new wedding cordinator there. I highly encourage a conversation with him. He is the reason we booked it there. I know planning a wedding should be overwhelming and stressful, but I can honestly admit to little/no stress throughout the process and I attribute a great deal of that to him!
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    Congrats! I hope you have an amazing weekend! I did have a chance to meet and talk with Dan briefly. He seems like a great guy and like he really knows what he's doing. I would really appreciate any advise or feedback you have! Looking forward to hearing from you when you're settled in. Thanks!
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    I sent you a PM
  • I would love any info that you ladies have on this locations. Thanks!

  • Just an FYI - This thread is pretty old (started in September 2011) so there's a good chance neither of these ladies comes to this board anymore.
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  • For new visitors of this board- I just wanted to say that this is an excellent venue- a close second for us! You can have your ceremony on the lawn overlooking the York River and Reception space is really neat! Great open space with a rustc barn feel for dancing. Brand new deck for cocktails overlooking the river, beautiful bar...and large bridal suite for purposes of gettin g ready! Check it out!
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