Help needed! Anyone know whats up with Jeff Pope and iconic photography?

Hi all thanks in advance for any help you can give its kind of a long story...
I had an amazing wedding day on May 1st, 2010 and my husband and I booked Iconic photography to do our pics.  We were very happy with Jeff and the pics we received both from our wedding and engagement, we had a great experience with him.  One of my bridesmaids loved his work and was recently engaged so she booked him as well.  They paid him in full for their wedding on 11-11-11.  They have had nothing but difficulty getting ahold of him since they booked...I mean weeks of calling and emailing to no avail.  Her fiancee finally just sent a email threatening to withdrawal the contract if they received no response, but they are concerned if they do hear from him, he won't show.  Apparently his business website is down too.
They then looked him up on the BBB and found complaints, along with a story about six on your side going after him for another couple as well.  Needless to say they are concerned.
When I was engaged I used knot recs for everything, in fact thats how i heard about iconic photo...I'm begging anyone who has booked him recently or had him recently do their wedding to let me know how it went.  I am her matron of honor and I feel terrible that my photographer rec is turning out this way...if anyone knows what's up with this business plz fill me in! 

Re: Help needed! Anyone know whats up with Jeff Pope and iconic photography?

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    I know about the bad experiences and still actually considered using him until I saw how much his prices have gone up. Here is a link that does work to his website I would call him from another phone and leave a message and use another name and indicate you would like to schedule a consult to possibly use him. I had a friend who did that and she got called back that day. He screens calls and only calls the ones that generate business. Otherwise if he will let you out of the contract and refund my photographer is really affordable (way less than Pope) and might be available. I am using and he calls me back the day I call him
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    He's our photographer too.

    I have the best luck communicating with him on Facebook.

    Here's what he sent me when I emailed him in panic mode a couple months ago:

    • Alison,

      Yes, I am still in business and I am still your photographer. I did have a rough period there that put me in a negative spotlight. I have remedied those issues and am 100% back on track. Without going into too much detail, channel 6 and moreover Mike McKnight screwed me over on the whole situation and made it sound like I am abandoning the business and my clients. I would never do that....ever. Unfortunately that's what makes news, not that I have 100s of very satisfied clients over the past 8 years. It sucks but I am through it and looking forward to the future. The website situation just happened to be a coincidence. The domain company screwed up and sold my website address without my knowledge. The current address is I hope this explains things and helps put you at ease. If you would like to chat about this further, don't hesitate to call. Hope all is well otherwise. Talk to you soon!!



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    Tell your friend to run far, far, far away!  We also used Jeff for our April, 2010 wedding.  And we are now almost 18 months after our wedding, and the only thing we received from him is the disk with the pictures (and that was bout 3 months after he promised us).  We haven't received any of our albums, canvas, other prints, etc.  I have attempted to contact him several times (email, phone), and nothing.  He will write back occasionally, and make a promise that he doesn't keep.  I filed a complaint with the BBB, and he agreed to make things right...and then did not perform.  Nice guy, but horrible business man.

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    We used Jeff for our August 2009 wedding and all we got was a cd rom of our pictures.  He never produced our album, prints or canvas that he promised us.  I found our contract recently and the value of these items is approx. $600.  He dodged all of my phone calls and emails so I posted something on his facebook wall to make sure I got his attention and he deleted it right away.  Then finally emailed me back this long email about his personal life (I felt bad for him but did not need to hear it, this was a business matter).  He then deleted me off facebook so I could not contact him anymore.  I have never heard from him since, he definitely abandoned many of his clients contrary to his claims that he did not.  DO NOT USE
  • We used Jeff for our wedding in 2011, It is now 2013 and I still have not received any prints or a photo album. That was all in our contract. We have tried to contact him many times and actually got ahold of his other job #. He still has managed to dodge all of our efforts to get what we paid for. We did however get a CD of our wedding pictures. At the VERY LEAST we have that. I would not advise to ever use him. He gave us the same story about having a bad past. He hasn't changed and probably wont. For whoever reads this I hope you take it to heart. Although he was great in person and really easy to work with, he does not follow through with what he promises. It was a big dissapointment to us.
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